Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mukund Dhananjay


Mukund Dhananjay has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

Hi guys…I just entered the contest. The basic storyline behind my concept is that there’s this HUGE red giant which is in the process of exploding. The resultant shockwave is actually blasting away each planet it encounters. Even as this is happening there is a spaceship right next to the camera, which is doing it’s best to get out of that place, but the shockwave has caught up with spaceship and is beginning to tear away it’s hull from the back…

Pretty gory, what?


Welcome to the Challenge!
Your sketch sounds good! I wounder how would it look in 3D.
I hope to see some sketches soon!
Good luck!


thanks dude… i’ll keep you guys posted


Thanks dude. I will definetly keep you posted.


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