Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Moritz Füllgrabe


added some details from the c&c. please need some more of these really good tipps :wink:


Looking really cool. That scene looks massive in the background. Great job! Keep it up!


Man you got my WOW! :bounce:

The composition is screaming action!!

One little suggestion would be to add some general persons screaming to their troops…showing where to go or what to watch… I think it’ll add to the whole action setting…

Great work mate…Really impressing…:thumbsup:


I’ve nothing to complain about your composition! Lot of action and lot of fun! The only detail I see that looks weird is the position of the right arm of the second soldier from the right at bottom. I think his arm should be pointed out from, not straight aligh with his body.

Great work!:slight_smile:


Hi Moritz,

Great Work man! The explosions and the motion blur give a very nice feel for the action. This is really an invasion war. I see this thread for the first time, don´t know why but I´m happy I didn´t miss it. Stunning work.

The only thing is that the foreground part has nearly the same saturation as the background city. That makes it a bit harder to seperate all the objects from each other.

[Ich sollte devinitiv mal öfter bei euch Wahnsinnigen aus der 3D-Abteilung vorbeischauen. Ein hervoragendes Ergebnis]



i understand the critic but i tested some different background / foreground sat. but I dont want the background too cloudy or the foreground to dark. maybe I have to find a alternative betwenn these two probs.


Great work!
I like very much. the only thing is the building exploding in the background…
there is so much action in the foreground…I think that the building is unnecessary.
what do you think?

Grat work! Great work!
keep on!


Your work is excellent, I especially love the cityscape, the explosion of the building in the foreground and your overall design.

If i had to comment to something, I would say the people in the foreground should probably be focused in the grand explosion close to them, rather than look distracted by other stuff


yeah grafos, it seems a little bit so that the soliders look uninterested.:wink: will work on it.
concerning to the biulding: i think it is important to show that the whole city is involved by the attack an not only the starships


Awesome progress here :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

If I have to make one critic I don`t like the “elements explosion” on the big ship on the left, the elements looks too flat, like just polygons… if you have the time try to make some solid elements going from the inside of the ship…

I`m looking forward for your final great picture :bounce:


hope this is it. tried to put some of the C&C into the image. thinking about the generell colour scheme and satuartion. maybe some C&C can help me


A lot of drama there mate, looks good.

I’d have to agree with one of the other guyson the foreground characters, they maybe need some tweaking. Perhaps tilt their heads towards the explosion? It might help reinforce the focus on the main event in the image.

Also they’re doing a lot of different things, I’d maybe keep the feeling of panic in them, that works well, maybe lose the guy firing the gun? I’m not sure what he’s firing at.

It’s a grand piece, good luck :slight_smile:


No crit’s from me hre …this is my first visit to your thread and I must say…this is an impressive image…very vibrant…very balanced…I may do something with the larger plume of smoke on the right though…seems …umm…“placed” …somehow…not sure how to explain…I know time is short…the importatnt thing…you have a great final image…if you get to the small stuff or not … :thumbsup: …cheers…


thats amazing.another great piece that keeps within the concept of ths challenge.great work man :slight_smile:


I have to agree with you, that the soliders do not seem to be shocked by the explosion. when i get time, i´ll try to fix it.
the critic concerning the smoke is right i think, I do not have to dsitance at the moment to see such things:-). think i have to make the smoke more fitable for the colour scheme.
thank guys and keep it up…


Fantastik pic, very realistic, with many details, very good work


Well good points have been made, but one more idea… not sure f you find time for that, but you could add some red emergency lights on the platform. They could light the ships on the platform to give them uniqe mood. I think it would be very good to your image. You could even try to paint them in post fi don’t have time. Those lights on the platform would also make it more visible ad diferent from the background.


The flame infront the soldiers gun is too big, make it smaller, more transparent,and more like muzzle flash then explosion.


thanks for C&C. Think I will put the soldier with the gun out of the image (nobody knows where he is shooting at:-)
also i will kill some explosions in the city and reduce its glow.

the thing with the red lights is pormissing. will make some test if its works (and I can handle it:-)

keep it on @ all!


:eek: :applause: :thumbsup:

(enough said, shockingly good)

-Matt M.