Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Moritz Füllgrabe


turned nice :twisted:


Wow, very nice. It seems to me you are almost done.


The exploded ship is really awesone :eek: …


my congratulations, great first step:) it looks awsome


working on the background, rendered some buildings and adding explosions


great, but those added buildings are to strong. They should be covered with a gently distance fog. Now they focus the viewer’s attention and take it from the foreground.


yeah, you are right, i have to get them a little bit more to the background, look at my next pic, fog will be added!


W O W !!! :thumbsup:


Amazing work, everything is perfect! just an idea though; what about adding slight motion blur to some of the running characters to give more impression of movement and haste?




Very goof combination of 2D and 3D, i also , don`t like going into details, that can be done in notime in postproduction


thanx for C&C,
think i will put some blur on the chars, but remember they are only placeholders at the mom.


Pretty great here mate! :thumbsup:

I think you need some ships over the city to add to the dynamism of the scene. Nothin to crit!
Wishing the best on your entry!:slight_smile:


testing the final render shot. there have to be more fighters in the air plus the big carrier ships (will add them later) please post your c&C for the scene. need tipps


very great detail! , i notice that , the ryhthm of solodier placement is too constant ! maybe u can put them more random , and i think the explosion color is too saturate ,maybe u working on it, sorry for my bac english!


:eek: Very impressive compo… I hope you dont angry with me to make some “touchs” to your image to show you what you could add to your scene :shrug:


yeah stefgrafx, you know what i like. wait for my next image, you will see your ideas could be mine…:wink:


This image is great! I think that the added details that stefgrafx has put in works great for your composition. I only have a couple suggestions that I feel might help. If you keep the big explosion then you need to darken the sky and background elementsand maybe a hint of color. This will help the explosion to be more intense. The second thing is the forground ship and soliders are blending into the background too much and if you darken them I think if will help separate them from the background. The last thing is the exploding (bus) great effect but I think the shape could be a little less square. I hope this helps.

Good luck,


good ideas you got but tell me: what do you mean with the shape. is the big ships to low-poly. please tell me


I am refering to the main ship that is exploding. It looks to much like a box. I think the details on it work but I think if you adjusted the shape of the back end it would help. You have such a cool fighter ship in the forground and the shape of the bridge compositionally is working but I lose intrest when I get to the box shape. I hope this helps. I am not trying to be too critical but I see great potential in this peice.

Good luck!


hmm, i know what you critic and i think that the ship is a little “boxy” but this is the shape of the ship. maybe i should put a little explosion to the front of the bridge to hide a little bit the box-shape