Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Moritz Füllgrabe


love your style and detail man…


That pilot is looking extremely good. I wish my modeling/texturing skills were that good :thumbsup:

The weapon on the right is my favorite. That other one looks cool too, it reminds me of the weapons the guys used in Alien2. BTW considering the way you “handle” that weapon maybe you could make the barrel a little longer (some kind of Alien homage :beer: )

Keep up the good work.

BTW check my entry. Link is at the sig :bounce:


working on a texture for the attacking forces


good texture:thumbsup:


very nice texture you got there :thumbsup:
I really want to know what you come up with for the rest of the ship


here it is. nearly ready


Hi MogodtBackAgain,

this looks awesome man! Great modeling job you`re doing there!!! :bowdown:


Themistokles work pretty well! :thumbsup: Only thing is that the texture is kind of dark and details aren’t very visible…but maybe it’s the background…

Nice going mate!! Any chance for a compo preview? :slight_smile:


your spaceships kick ass!!

Good models and textures!! nice



at the moment iam working on the city. smoke and destroyed buldings have to be completet


did the bridge and started now to create the landing port for “xerxes”, just a little piece of the final comp


camera angle test


what a cityyyyyyyyyy…:eek:


very high detail ! can’t comment anything your city is great!:thumbsup:


just a little test for me, if the smoke works… well have to finetune


just went through this entire thread…looks sweet :thumbsup:


please cc, should be the background for the icy planet


Nice background :thumbsup: it is painted or based on photos? The only thiing I don`t like is the blured clouds… they just like few aerograph drops :curious:

Great work :thumbsup: looking for more :bounce:


just another test


here a first render of two layers. chars are dummies at the moment. hope i can show you in the next days the “final” render :wink: