Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Moritz Füllgrabe


Dammit you can really model and texture…!
Great stuff man! :thumbsup:



closeup of the low-poly head


just mr. pilot, modelling


on and on and on and on and on and…


very nice models and texturing


Awesome! Love the illustrative style,textures. Yet another thread to subscribe to.


thanx for comments,
still working on textures for the pilot.
further I have to get more detail concerning the legs.


veery nice pilot!

looks great!

I like the belt stuff… makes him look preety realistic…

will look good even from distance…

can’t wait for textures on this one!!

keep on…



I really love your “Xerxes” spaceship ! Modeling texturing and lightning are great !:thumbsup:


started after a break to create a texture for the low-poly pilot. this is a very early texture, but only to give you some impressions


the texture looks very promisiing so far!

its a nice contrast to the brighter belt stuff… when you make the texture for the belt, you should keep that contrast!



Nice start on the pants! I think from a mid distance view it’ll still look fine!! :thumbsup:

Keep it up!



after a long brake, i just found some time to nearly complete the texture for the marine. hope to get the head tonight…


so, finally he is done. so i can go on texturing the spaceships…


Great guy! First impression is that he is a high detailed high poly guy! Which is great. He will act very well in your scene. I’m looking forward to seeing him in action:twisted:


Nice model man! :thumbsup: I think he will great even and in a rather close view! :thumbsup:

Agree with arturro … action! :twisted:


just some ideas for a weapon for the imperial ground troups. i know, it´s very low poly but it should be shown from distance


All this looks great :thumbsup: love your textures :love:

Keep up the grand art!


marine is looing great, that weapon is looking very cool also… for low poly it still delivers alot of details


wow, ur weapons r really cool!!.. nice modeling and textureing… wery well dont man… keep up the good works… i wanna c this all done… :thumbsup: