Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Moritz Füllgrabe


done texturing!


here it is!


your work and I like your idea a lot and I think that you are one of few people in this competition that is original I encourage.


hello again I, think that to the design it is necessary him a little but of light, but in fact the design is very good and the esenary imagines.
that it should be an entire work of art


Texturing and composition looks fantastic! :thumbsup:

Waiting for updates :slight_smile:


wow looking great, I haven’t visited in a while, but the latest updates are very impressive

well done


wow man…that looks fantastic. i really like this ship, is very nice. The texture is good


Love it! Just love it! Xerxes rocks:thumbsup: For me textures are perfect, not to dirt, not to clean:bounce:
Could you give me some advices in this matter? because I’m also fighting with textures.


! impressive model !!!


wow man, that scene is really looking epic… and great job on the ship textureing…what else can i say… gr8 model, gr8 texture, great atmosphere… :buttrock: :thumbsup: rock on dude


yo man,
it´s very big fun to work on this project cause of all your motivating replies. Currently I starting to texture the last 3 ships and then i will start to create the foreground for the image. Meanwhile Iam thinking about to change the theme of the pic a little bit. Mabye the bridge wont take the main sapect, I will put a platform like a hangar in front, where a pilot takes his seat in xerxes-> so I got a char and a ship in more detail


very good texturing:bounce:


Nice update Moritz…Looking nice.A cross of a fighter jet and a space ship…or a future jet…Either way it looks very nice,like the textures too,your doing a very nice job here,keep at it hard…:arteest:


I like your xerxes!

Your textures look like it’s a pretty old vehicle used for some lightyears of spacetravel, well done.
Altgough I like your model, it seems a little fragile for a fighter…meaning it doesn’t look bad enough (in case you want it to look mean)…

By the way your first sketch was giving a very good mood, revealing not too many of the scenery, but yet enough to make you longing for what comes…


here i go, a pilot for xerxes mabye. a found an old toy-figur from my younger cousin, so i took it and started to modell. is only low-poly for background but will get more detail.


Great concept


just modelling the char along…
much to do


Keep it coming Moritz,Nice addition,and I like the WIP,it has potential,nice additions planned too…Overall a solid plan as well,go to it hard…looking nice…:thumbsup:


Wow, those ships are awesome man! Very cool, specially that last one Xerxes! But the pilot, I mean, what’s up with that big green…well, you know, that a look at his crotch. :scream: peace!


OMG! Look at those ship designs. :slight_smile: Great work! I love them. I’ll be looking forwrad to more progress!