Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Moritz Füllgrabe


Not to beat on a dead horse but your ship is far to low poly for use in a final entry.

Are you also planing on creating civilian ships for the citizens of the great city???


wait a little bi… it will become more detailled, this is a low-res for the background


started to texture the cityscape. C&C are welcome, especially concerning the colours of the buildings


This is amazing to me.

My inclination with the building colors would be to make them various shades of just one hue, at a distance the atmosphere would overpower the individual building colors and make them look like various shades of a single color. Maybe adding some sort of atmospheric effect would be a good way to accomplish this, then the closest buildings would show some variation in hues while the distant ones would look more monotone.

Keep it going. This is going to be a good one.



Nice start on texturing :). Agree with Crusty_Butt on the color variations matter. Keep it up :thumbsup:


hey i like this city… nice work man… keep it up


really very big scene… and full of details… you could add some space ships to give life to your scene…


I agreee with the critic about the effect of color saturation and distance. Also the city scape seems a bit generic. These buildings need some varieation to stand out more. Also I think that the large cityscape is a bit to homogenous. In real live cities rarely look so much the same in every direaction.


I like, I like. Keep it up my friend. I hope in the final composition you add a littl bit more room to the background, and the sky too. It feels very tight in the last post. :slight_smile:


Verry interesting concept, great city and I love the Ramirez ship :love:
I think just that you need more variety and more details for the buildings, at hires we will see that they look similar…

Keep it up :thumbsup:


I disagree with everybody, because I like some homogeneousity in your town to give a sense of a new, let me say, Jerusalem (the wall give me the idea) and in that city the construction and the buildings form an homogeneous mass. just my humble opnion.:thumbsup:


Awesome work!!

the colors definetely give u a sense of possible future scenario.

a story line might be something where eccentricity is against the law because it promotes all ‘negative’ things that brought the human civilization down eons before


hi guys!

Iam very happy, that my work is worth, that you talk about it:-)

first, the last render shot is only a part of thw whole comp. the city is only the background for the final pic. there, a dogfight between those spaceships and a evacuation of the city is the main plot. Iam thinking to let a char stand in the middle of a bridge (this one of the first pic) who should be like an symbolic icon. sounds difuse and it is:-) At the moment Iam thinking about, how to put those themes togehter , so that every element is good in scene.
But I agree that the city lookes a little bit to conform, i will reduce the colours and add some free space beteen those blocks. later I will try to destroy half of the city and put some crashed spaceships into it. currently iam working at some explosion and smoke rendering. maybe I can show you more next time.

once again, Iam really thanlful for your comments, helps me a lot!


Really like the work u’ve done with the RAMIREZ ship…very clever and at the same time simple to understand…keep going…i think we will see something grand at the final :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


image for looting out the right camera, notice that the spacecrafts are only for test, final image will show more of these;-)


hey thats great. Is a fantastic city, it seems to be an industrial city.

keep working in the textures and ligthig


You have some nice scope and scale for sure…I think grand is in…I think that keeping some primary more detailed pieces/models in the foreground to middle areas will be vital…So far I like what I see,I’ll be checking to see more as you go further Moritz…:arteest:


working on the texture for the anti-air units! C&C welcome


looks very nice :thumbsup:

your textures fit pretty good, how did you texture that ship/anti-air unit ?
do you use some texturing/mapping plugins ? or is it just max unwrap ?

please post some screenshots & keep up the good work :slight_smile:


wireframe for interests!