Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Moritz Füllgrabe


and one more…


Barracuda looks fantastic. Nice choice of style and design in the presentation of these ship concepts. Xerxes? Is that a scientific name or inspired by System Shock?


also I have played System Shock, the name is originally from the old persian king, Xerxes, ca. 200 B.C. /


This is some of the most interesting work i’ve ever seen… drool.


still wip


as you can see, I just need many spaceships / aircrafts


Wow, so much great work it’s hard to believe you can do that all now. But, with what others have done here I totally believe it. Great job looking forward to seeing the final image!



Really nice, I love the cell shading to present the different spaceship !


Totally amazing ship designs !!
I really like the japaneese futurist style, hard edges and lot of details, very nice :thumbsup:

It will definitely be one of the greatest concepts to see here, keep it up man !


Wonderful sship designs! And the cityscape looks massive! :thumbsup:


started to texture “ramirez”…
long way to go


Nice textures. But why do you have such a low polycount for your ship? Why don’t you model some parts of the texture! It looks extremely low-poly right now :slight_smile:

I think you should add some more modelling on your ship… But again maybe you’re using it only for distant views :slight_smile:


yes, you are right! i blended the details out, so i only have the hull! the final obj. will get more details!


after texturing, iam starting to create some more details for the hull


Nice job. Nice detail work on the ship and textures. You have a great concept going here. I like it alot. :applause:


Hey I like it …is a nacie work…The textured ship looks realy great …and the city what can I say AMAZING …

I be waching your porogress


LOL when I first looked at that ship on the first page I thought it acutally was way more ploys then when I saw the wire. Awesome job man. I was about to crap my pants if someone textured a 500,000 ploy ship already ;p


:thumbsup: You were right on the texture! Does fit like a glove!
And what? Low poly? No way!:bounce:


WOW!!! Slow down, I missed the last 3 posts, and dammmm are they good. I really like your drawings, and your modeling and texturing looks amazing. I can’t wait to see how all of this looks once it is put together.

Keep up the great work!


hi there,
thank you for your comments… iam very glad, that you like these shots of this spacecraft.
this keeps me up, working further on this project.