Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Moritz Füllgrabe


I really like your sketchs and models. They have a real grandoise feeling to them. I expecially like that cityscape. The squares enclosed in a cirlce is such a powerful image.


im not sure, what you would offer us, but im waiting and i know i will love it:)


Tottaly massive…my only thouth is if u should brake a little the repetision on city buildings…nice work on the bridge-highway? model :bounce:


Very effective use of DOF!

The composition has a great deal of depth. I think that your should remeber to somehow the human stroy somewhere in this work.

I think its epic in scale, but a little empty character wise.


Its so big!!! Just don’t forget to put more accent buildings to uphold the futuristic look. Otherwise it is another city scape

MaX :eek:


thanx for the comments so far…
when the bridges are done, i want to create some “outstanding” buildings to create a better look of the city. as you have seen, this city will only become the background, so do not focus it too much. i think the spaceships and the sky-bridge will be more focused.


Moritz, I’d also suggest trying to clear some areas so there’s a sense of actual streets or traffic ways running through your city. Right now, there’s an impressive sense of density … but a density that lacks just the hint of order – a means of moving people and resources – that would make it feel more alive.


a little information for the hungry ;.
yes, at the moment iam making some room inside the city to let some place for roads and the other stuff


i just do not get tired of making such pictures…:slight_smile:


Very interesting composition, huge scene you got there !
In fact, you really motivate me with that cityscape, i also have to model a huge city with a thousand of buildings for my Space Opera but i never did that before :eek:

Keept it up i can’t wait to see more details ! :buttrock:


Once again great concept! I have one suggestion and I hope you take this constructively. Judging by the background in these latest concepts you want to add mountins/hillside to them. What would be cool is if there were no mountins, only a flat desert of “nothing”, perhaps only faint traces of landscapes are found far off in the distance, or signs of what was once habitable land. I just feel that the mountains are giving it a sense of security, the entire city is surrounded by massive walls and gates, by placing mountins around in the background it doesn’t give the walls as much of a defensive feeling as an empty/deserted background would.

Hope this helps. Take this which ever way you feel is best for you. :slight_smile: Great work!


I agree with AirbORn,… the background moutains compete with your city for dominance of the visual image.

On a differnt note, I must say, what I find lacking in your concept is a connection. Sure it is a city, and a very large and complex one, but what am I supposed to feel about it? Should I hate it, or be afraid of it, is it helpfull or is it an obstacale? I find it hard to empathize at any level with this monolithic structure, and not mearly because in the 3d realm I have become desentatized to monolithic structures, but I can not see any universal pull from the image. Quite bluntly I have nothing in common with this large city.

Perphaps as it has been mention, if it had more “life” (ex. include living details such as traffic, pollution, adversiment, litter, concentrations of people etc. etc. ) I could relate this, as it speaks to some of my referances to what a “large” city is “supposed” to look like.

Addtionally, it would help to have some kind of preceptable human presance, not only perhaps to give this comp. more scale, but to also add a bit of emotive drama to the whole scene.

Visually I am liking the look of the city. Considering that this is in a dessert enviorment, what I right away begin to get referances and conotions ( espeacilly considering these troubled modern times) to Islamic art. I think you should check out www.islamicart.comfor futher refreance, and I think this may go a long way in providing a bit more “life” to your scene.

Buena suerte amigo.


Beautiful concept, very much in-theme. And I like a lot your preliminaries.


Wow, I love your city - especially the wall around it and the canyon in the middle. Your inspiring me with your work…which I think is a lot of what this challenge thing is all about.

Thanks for sharing your work, I look forward to more!


first of all I would like to thank all of you, for your c & c.
The reason that this city looks cold and empty will change soon. What you see is the first render-test for the brackground. Later I will try to create all those things you have mentioned, but at this time I have to create the base for those details. There will come smoke, destroyed buildings, transportation & vehicles and more detailled buildings, not only those monoloithic “clumps” you see at the moment :wink:

concerning to the hills:
I see, after I read the thread, that those hills do not fit really. The effect of the walls loose their weight, so a lower terrain (desert, flat rollings hills or somet.) would fit better.


hello moritz, i think your concept is very nice…i love the city, because it looks like LA in terminator 2 :slight_smile: i´m very expectationful…and i hope you will fulfill this!

what are your inspirations?

greetings mas


Moritz, if the new building you’ve got on the righthand side is any indication, this is going to be an absolutely fabulous cityscape once you get more of the “place holders” replaced with actual structures. It’s going to be fascinating to see how many detailed structures you need before the illusion is convincing, since I can’t imagine replacing every last block with a custom building – you’d be at this for months! One quick question: can you post a poly count, and give us updates on the total as you proceed? I’m really, really curious to find out how many it takes to pull off the illusion. Best of luck!


this is a first attempt to create a unit of the attacking forces. These fighters will start out of the big carriers (which will follow:-)


Nice Concept ! Look forward to seeing more steps


another spacecraft for the scenario…