Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


Coming along nicely, mike. I think there’s a problem with the hands (could be why you’re having trouble with the rigging). They need to be rotated about 60-90 degrees–counterclockwise for the left, clockwise for the right. If you look at an arm in a relaxed state, the thumb is in line with the inside of the elbow.

keep going. :thumbsup:


I have to agree with the ‘hands’ comments, but other than that the model’s looking great. The clothing is working really well, I think the texture needs some work, especially where the horizontal lines are concerned, they don’t work so good IMO. The model for the flak jacket is great, maybe dirty it up a bit with a texture, but the design itself is cool.

Very good work, and improving a lot. Look forward to the next update.


Well,here is the finished soldier model with uvmapped textures for some parts with other parts simple procedural textures. I may tweak the model once he is posed to make the folds etc appear not as flat. I am really happy as this is my first real attempt at a complete detailed character. Comments and crits welcome.


Just popping in to your thread. Saw your entry in the latest entries area. I think you soldier is pretty good. But I agree with the hand statment above and also I think his legs are too short. Work on these a little and you’ve got a great looking guy. :thumbsup:


very nice charachter make him a little taller at legs because he looks kinda short right now
he is coming along great nice charachter good job mate:thumbsup:


Great progress! yes, he looks really nice now! god job:thumbsup: maybe only make his trousers more crumpled. The texture on his arms looks very nice! I gives more realism to him.


Hey ,
Thanks for the comments and I did lengthen the legs a little ,and crumple the trousers a little too. Also I think I should be able to make the hands look better with respect to the elbow when I rig the character.


• I agree about the legs Mike! the average human being is 7 1/2 heads tall, 8 can also be good, give a try, another suggestion, pull a little bit inwards the cheekbones in his face this are minor details, texturing is well done :thumbsup:

• Keep it up!:buttrock:


I like your character, I only think that the little finger of the left hand looks a little funy.Try to better that small detail and it will look perfect.:thumbsup:


I look forward to seeing your final composition, the elements you have now are looking good.



Well , I played with my original sky to see what I could come up with. I wanted to add some color to the sky like people suggested. The lighting isn’t correct , I just wanted a quick render of the sky. Is this better than the previous one,let me know what you think.
Here is the link to the old sky .



Hello mmoir! I like a lot your work so far! The last image is looking quite good! :thumbsup:

The sky definetelly looks better, what I find not so good is the light in the scene. I think that not enough lights reaches to the constructs. The sense of depth is working fine, and the load on the scene is good too! I have a sense that something really big is missing from the image though, something that will get your attention into a “WOW”…just an opinion here…
maybe some great alien mothership invasion…or some distant great explosions!!
The guy is looking great just the feet length as fellow CG-talkers already mentioned.

Keep it strong! You’re nearly there (all scene modeled and textured!! :eek: ) with a month in your pocket! :thumbsup:


hey my friend There’s some excellent athmosphere in your environment keep the good work it looks very nice… I will stay in touch with your work :thumbsup: Thanks and GL


Great looking image so far. I really like your ship and building design. (something I struggle with)

For a more dramatic lighting you might want to try sunset or something. Really deep and bright reds, oranges and yellows. Contrasted with bluish foreground. Deep shadows. Anyway, that’s what I like.

Keep at it. :buttrock:


hey the latest render looks absolutely marvelous… great job mate… the sky is looking good and the light is I-Likey!!.. very well done… i have a littlee crit… that flyer dosent looks good at that position, try repositioning it soemwhere else… mmm thats abt it for now… keep up the good job mate :thumbsup:


I think this is the first time I’ve seen Carrara used here. Fantastic work!


Hi there! Noce test. Your scene is quicly getting better and better. My crits:
-I would make those buldins in the very backgoud smaller, more of them and more fogged, this would emphasize the scale of the whole scene and the depth.
-color of the sky is great, but I dont like those many colors around the clouds


Hey all,
Arturro, for the distant city I was going to add more to the city which will be more distant to show depth . Its a good idea thanks. I am just playing with colors for the sky right now.
Shonner- I think Carrara is very capable for this kind of thing. Thanks for the comment.
Overcontrast- I am going to add a bunch of fighters in the air, have to think about the positions, I will probably move the one that is there now .
Divaise,Miketche- thanks for the comments.
Terraarc- yes the lighting needs work for sure. I also think there is something missing too, I was going to have a bunch of enemy fighters coming down from the center of the sky . Also I was going to have a crashed fighter burning on the ground in the distance. Your idea of a mother ship could work . Thanks


very nice update i really like it with lots of detail and nice building

the sky is very beautifull and really fits with the rest of the scene
keep it up mate great job:thumbsup:


I add in Corel photopaint the electrical arcing at the top of the mining platforms. I think it is a little strong so I may minimize this effect. Also duplicated the main platforms to all the other locations and moved the location of the sun and added a few more ships on the main platforms. Comments and crits welcome.