Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


The improvements being made are endless… and they’ve made a huge difference. The head model looks much better… I feel the texture needs some work, but the head looks great when in the helmet.

Lookforward to seeing some more updates.


Great work, Mike. Your scene is looking beautiful, and I think your head modelling efforts have really paid off. Keep going. :thumbsup:


hey great going man… nice textureing on the helmet and the head… btw that face reminds me of the vilen of the MUMMY movie, cant remember his nae though… anyways keep goin buddy… one suggestion, u might want to add more detail to the face or tweak it more to give it a more realistic shape… good luck mate :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments,
Overcontrast , I assume you mean to give the face some emotion , which I will try to do.


Yeah, the head in the helmet looks very good:thumbsup: Still it is too dry to me… but it may work… How far will he be from the camera?


Here is the design of the character in the foreground of my image. He is supposed to be just your ordinary soldier watching the day/battle start. I did a quick color in corel to get an idea of the colors. When I was drawing this sketch with my pencil and paper, after I would make a mistake , I instinctively tried to hit “ctrl+z” . What does this say.
Oh well, any comments or crits let me know.


He looks really cool, I love the clothing, especially the little gold wrist thing.

Also, I have to commend you on your head model, it wasn’t until I tried modelling the head for my dude (which you can see on my thread) that I realised how well done your’s was, mine looks so crap in comparison, lol. (the eyes are the hardest bit, it’s really hard to do eyelids).


Your efforts are good ones.And the results are coming along nicely…I think your working hard,you can see this,that in time will pay off many times over…Nice job overall here,I like the effort and I wish you the best in your further work here Mike…Go at it hard,it’s paying off so far…:arteest: :arteest:


looking great, Mike. He’s got some character. If I could have one request, I’d make his skin a little wet with persperation, just a little shiny.

Rock on.



Hey guys,
Thanks for the comments,
Michael- thanks for the pep talk, this is sort of draining doing one of these contests.
Bret- Thats the third comment about having his skin with some wetness to it, I will do something about this after I am done modeling the character.


I like your overall scene. I wish I could manage out something at least good as this environment is. Character is also nice. First I looked that ear is a bit bulky, but it is covered with hat and so it’s ok. Human modelling id not easy task. These characters you drew… Maybe you should check proportions. I feel that hands are a bit short. I don’t know… Maybe I’ve also used computer too long. It’s already 2:53 in Estonia… I’ll go to sleep.

Go on buddy :thumbsup:!


Here is a wip of the modeling of the upper body,arms and hands. I mostly tried to get the hand as good as I could because they will be visible in the final image. Next I think I will finish off the flak jacket . The lighting is too bright but I was trying to get the proportions of things as close as I could. Comments and crits welcome.


Hi there! very nice! there is only a small mistake with his hands… they seem in comparsion with the part betwean the elbow and the hands as they were up side down… with such position of the whole arms, the thumbs should be on the other side… I hope that you get me:)
nice progress, I’m waiting for next updates!


Here is an update to the soldier model, I just completed the flak jacket and did some quick procedural textures and changed a few textures. Now to do the Jacket underneath, should I be doing the folds after I pose the character or during the modeling in this stance. Anyway comments and crits welcome.


Hey Arturro,

Very good eye, when I originally started modeling the arms/hands etc I had the palms facing up. When I did a quick bones rigging seeing how I could move the arm/hands etc things didn’t go well. So I detached and rotated the hand with palms down and tweeked the elbow/forearm area. I figured this would be much quicker then starting modeling the entire arm over again. It still doesn’t look quite right so I will try and fix it some more.
Thanks for the crit.


Here is an update showing my attempt to put some creases and folds into the top jacket part of the model. I have to add the collar. I also fixed the elbow area although it still looks a little funny.


Here is an update showing my attempt to put some creases and folds into the top jacket part of the model. I have to add the collar. I also fixed the elbow area although it still looks a little funny.


Your coming along Mike…I think you can break up the flak jacket,tweak it,damage it before more textures are done.give it that worn and torn look…The fingers will lok OK once you get them rigged,give them some flexibility…Whats most important is that you are going towards the finishline,thats one big step in all of this,making strides forward…Keep working hard,I appreaciate your efforts and hard work,keep at it hard…:arteest: :arteest:


Last update for today ,I have been fortunate to be able to work on this most of today. I added the collar and rear hood as well as defined more of the flak jacket. I also add the wrist bands,there will only be one on the final model .


Here is an update on the pants of the soldier . Right now there are two halves , I will delete the holster on one side after I weld the model together. I just have to do the boots and then tweek the model.Added some textures to the jacket as well.