Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


hey, the head is comming up good… but it sure needs a lot of works…and are the lips gonna b sealed like that?.. anyways good job man, keep it up… wish to c more from u in teh very near future… cya


Thanks all for the comments and crits.
Overcontrast-yes the head model needs more work for sure, I am going to use this model for the real far shots. So the modeling time wasn’t totally wasted.
Steve, I used a tutorial modeling a young girls head as a reference . I am not opposed to using background images I just didn’t have any on hand so I though I would just go straignt to modeling.
Swamps, I was trying to round out the chin and cheeks , just didn’t seem to get anywhere. Yes, the always quad rule is a good one which I try to remember. The tip about the mouth I think will help me out.Thanks for the tips, your models look great by the way.
Versiden, The closeup character isn’t necessarily human but I want him to resemble humans fairly closely so we can identify with him easier so in my final the ears should be smaller.
Young_927, AcidX- thanks for the comments


Well, here is a texture test of my modeled head. I know the texture is not very good, but I did get the process down on how to texture the head,ears,lips all in one texture map. I was previously doing 3 separate tmaps instead of one tmap containing all objects(head,ears,lips)in one map and then applying this map to the each of the 3 face parts. So, now I should be able to concentrate on just creating better tmaps for my next model.This was just a test.


Hmm, bits of it I like… like the chin and the nose, but I feel the ears are far too large, and the texture could do with a bit of work.

The good thing is, the UVs are set up now, so all you need to do is work on your texture in photoshop (or whatever) and then you will see near instant effects on the model.

I’d recommend searching for photos of real faces to use on the texture, as using real photos where you can goes that extra bit further to achieving a more photoreal end result.

I look forward to seeing some updates, as this model has a lot of promise.


Here is my model wip for my distance characters. I am going to add some sort of headgear,head model and sidearm. There is still a seam up the middle of the character which will be corrected once I weld the 2 halves together.
I think I will modify this model to be the close up character as well. This is my first full body character. I think the neck is to long and the hands/wrist need work but other than that I am happy with the proportions. Let me know your comments


Looks like things are coming along nicely. I’d recommend making the guys ears a bit smaller and the eye lids rounder. but its looking good. good luck, peace


This is my first complete character that I have done so I am happy about that. It is simply textured with the exception of the head which was a previous uvmap trial run. Added a helmet which isn’t done yet. This model is going in the distance positions so it will work great for that. I will put bones in the character and pose a bunch of copies of this character to populate the mining platforms with variations of this character.
Now all I have to do is make another character which is 300 percent better than this one for my foreground character. I will be spending my time now trying to get better at character modeling. Any comments or crits let me know .


hey there… ur progress is good… seems like theres a lot of works still needs to be done on the character… keep tweaking those vertices… good lluck :thumbsup:


Well, here is my 2nd attempt at a head model for this contest. I am really happy with the way it turned out. I took the advice that people offered during my last modeling attempt.
When doing the cheeks/chin I really tried to give them volume from all sides. I constantly was rotating the model as I moved the vertices. For the mouth I modeled it a bit open as Swamps suggested and that helped alot.
For the ears I studied a picture and constantly referenced it as I modeled.It was tedious but the ear is much better than the last one. This time I didn’t follow the tutorial , I just sort of modeled which I think helped make the model look more natural . I modeled the ear separately while the head model was hidden, then connected the ear once I was happy with the shape. This gave me a clutter free scene to model the ear.
It isn’t perfect but I am extremely happy with the way it turned out.You would almost think I knew what I was doing.
Any comments or crits welcome.


Great progress Mike i like all the buildings and the scene looks great in the scene Here is a link if you need for ideas and references for your charachter helped me a lot

Keep up the good work:thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments and I will check out the link.


it’s improved m8… well done :thumbsup:

I think the smile lines is too sharp, it would help to see a wire… make it a bit softer (arg… hard to describe, some1 help)

and move the lips out a bit slightly

a mirror by the computer helps alot too, not for vanity but as a reference… especially when you’re animating different facial expressions and u can pay attention to facial muscles…


Mike, very good work on the buildings and scene, looks great.:arteest:

your head is getting there, I agree with versiden, both for modeling as well as animation I couldn’t miss my mirror anymore, you may get funny remarks from friends when they see your girlfriend’s make up mirror on your desk:surprised , but hey that’s their problem :cool:

think most of it has been said allready, except maybe lower or pull in the top points of the nostrils a little
they usually don’t go straight down like you made them, but a little more outward.

nice job on the ears, they are a pain for most people, you succeeded rather well! :beer:


Here is the new head model with a uvmapped texture map. I opted for painting the texture map instead of using photos. I looked at photos and tried to paint what I saw. It still needs work but I think it will do for my main character in the foreground. I think it is alot better than my first head that I texture mapped. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out so far. This contest is really forcing me to do things I have never really done before and its exciting. Let me know your thoughts.


Wow nice modeling Mike :thumbsup:

Keep up the great work!!!

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Hi there! He looks nice. But I have an advice:
make his lips thiner, eyes more glossy and reflective, skin more wet. The rest is spotless:thumbsup:
Keep it up:bounce:


Thanks for the comments
Arturro- I tried making the eyes glossy, I think it doesn’t show up because there is nothing in the scene for reflection. I will try making the lips thinner too, don’t know for sure how to make the skin wet but I will think about it.
KennyM- I tried to move the nostril tops in towards the face a bit, thanks for the tip.
Versiden- I did change the mouth/lips as you suggested , I think its better now.
Vittorius- Thanks
Thanks for the help ,


well your work is excellent and your models are unicos, likes much your textures and the renderiing one seems real,:thumbsup: your scene is very good and all the atmosphere in which it is going away to develop the scene is very good.:applause:

if you wish to acer some suggestion to me aqui this my place.


to mmoir thanks for the suggestion right now I am working to be able to mount what in fact I am doing, so that asi the commentaries are constructive like your say.:thumbsup:


This is a model of a helmet for my foreground character. Nothing fancy ,it is supposed to be a GI(general infantry) type helmet. Next I may do a gun for this guy or start the body/clothes. Any comments or crits let me know.