Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


I think that trees can grow on grass… Yeah, I see it every day. :slight_smile: but the “funny” look of them right now is probably due to the fact that they a little of from the landscape. I mean, trees are too condensed if there are quite few of them. Should be either more of trees or they should be more distant from each other. Or it just a lack of the details of the remained area. :shrug:


yeah, your work is progressing…that forest makes it look better your idea, add more trees, and if you want add more details like birds flyng or buildigs or a ship.

good look


Hey Thanks for the comments and Crits
Climax: I use Carrara studio, and the sky is a preliminary sky I created hopefully my final sky will look a little better.
AndreSe: Hopefully when I get the remaining terrains covered with some tree billboards things will look better.
Melkao: I still have lots of stuff to add (Cargo ships,enemy fighters ,alliance fighters and defense batteries) to the scene. I also am going to add people and one larger character to the foreground like in my concept sketch. Also the mining platforms have to have details added.
Thanks for the comments.


Here is my model of Defense battery unit that is mobile and is going to be scattered between the mining platforms . They are to help defend the platforms from enemy attack. They are about 60’ high . Let me know what you think.


Interesting model. Very techy and has some ancient influences to it, (pyramids).


The defence Battery is looking great , maybe you can add some more details in the top and some more wires around the structure . Nice updates .

Keep rockin:buttrock:


Hey I really like your entry. The composition is great and really achieves the “grand” part of the grand space opera.

I really like the green/blue composition that you have going right now. If you do indeed change the ground color perhaps orange-ish hues would complement the blue sky? Just a thought. I personally really like the green. If it is a wet climate then I could definately see the trees growing on a base of green plants or grass.

Best of luck to you!


Well ,here is a quick texturing of the battery defense unit. It is done using procedural textures and several layers.Let me know your comments if you have any.


You mean, all your modeling was done using Carrara Studio?
Wow, Carrara has come a long way since I last used it (version 1.0 to be specific, right before I moved to using Lightwave).


Thanks for your comments and I will keep your ideas in mind as I continue with my scene.
Artistic Visions,
Yes everything in my scene has been modeled in Carrara studio, to be more precise I think everything I have modeled so far has been in Carrara’s Vertex modeler. From what I remember the VM room was rather buggy in Carrara 1.0 , especially the Metacreations version. With Carrara studio 4 pro you get Amapi designer thrown in for free. So carrara isn’t really lacking in the modeling department and the vm is pretty stable now. Hope you like lightwave , I am sure its very nice .


nice models and image overall. There probably could be some refinement in the texture/materials, the material you have on the battery thing looked a little plastic, maybe drop the gloss a little and add a little spec. I’m not too sure but it’s just a suggestion anyway.


Hey all, This is my scene with more trees(billboards) added,the ground beneath the trees is a mud color. I also added some boulders and retextured the grass. I scaled down the previous textures and add the same textures in the bump channel.Also add a turbulence layer over the entire grass terrain to add a little bit of depth to the grass. The one mining platform isn’t sitting correctly on the plataue. This was also a test on rendering speed ,this image took 1/2 hr to render which is very bearable to me using GI.(original size 880 wide)
I am going to finish modeling the mining platforms next. Let me know any comments or crits.


I like what you did with the ground, very nice.

Keep up the good work.



This is just a closeup of the updated terrain,defense battery textures in the scene.


I like your lighting, its very natural, is it global illumination, cool…George lucas would be proud

Is that a texture, or a shader on the structures, I look forward to see some characters.

good luck …Patina


hey mike -you’re just rockin’ right along eh?

like the way everything is shaping up -love the mountains; very rugged and natural.
everything else seems a little too clean and clear but i know you’ll worry about that later…

i do think the shadows might be a little dark (or is it just me?)

so what, you’ll be done next week? :slight_smile:
just kidding man; keep it coming.



If you are talking about the plateau’s side shadow , hopefully I can make it a little brighter when I concentrate on the lighting. I still have a lot to do
I am only going to have one large character in the foreground and a bunch of characters on the platforms,ships etc. but they wont be very large.
Thanks for the comments, I like the looks of the ground better too.



hey nice renders… i like where ur going… keep it up buddy… anyways what did u used for the trees?


The lighting is superb! Very very realistic - must be resource heavy (looks like GI to me).

The trees are looking a lot better (now that more have been added).

I’m eager to see how this progresses - very awesome stuff mike.


A few changes in this image.I added a quite a bit to the platform model and textured it , will replace the other platforms later on. Added the railing in the bottom left corner where my character will be postioned. This is a GI render at low settings,I added some brightness in post so I could see things a little better.