Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


Haven’t posted anything for a while. Here is a render showing the placement of the mining platform plateaus. I am finding it difficult to stay within the aspect ratio image size of the contest rules. I would like to do more of a panorama view. I also placed a quick city in the background. Let me know what you think.


Thanks for the comments and critique, I will think about the cockpit design a bit more.
Critiques are always helpful


Quickly flicked through this thread - looks to me like you have a very promising concept, and your work is coming along nicely.

I think lighting might be the most important aspect of this piece, as with the right lighting this could be a very impressive image.

Very cool concept.

Look forward to seeing it develop.


Well this image shows my modeling of the terrain with the rivers in it,I still will add some hills to the terrain too. I changed the lighting a bit so the platform is lit a little better. I have to add lots of trees and ground cover to the terrains. I think the landscape part is heading in the right directin . Let me know your comment. Thanks.


Looking good so far- but I would work on the sky- moon and stars- a bit more. They seem very simple in comparison to the foreground.


I really like the point of view , the landscape is great . Keep going :thumbsup:


It’s good so far - a little more work, a little more detail and I’ll think you’ll be there.

I agree with Fuzzy Modem though, only crit. is the sky - and that’s only a very small crit.


Thanks for the comments guys,
Fuzzy Modem, I will redo the sky , what I have here is still my preliminary sky which I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on. I will probably do the final sky last.


wow…this is very great, i reali like the model and the ecsenary, and the ilumination is good too

keep working, you are good:eek:


This image shows my trunk and branches I modeled in Carrara’s vm, the right shows the leaves which I duplicated moved ,duplicated moved etc . This went rather quickly . I found modeling the tree not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I wanted to map an image to each leaf but Carrara’s shading domains dont like that so I roughly modeled the shape of the leaf then textured. The final tree model image will be uploaded shortly .


Here is a render of my tree model. I think I will use these 3d trees (I will model maybe 2 more trees.)to populate the foreground closest to the camera. I will uses normal maps of these trees on planes for the trees in the middle ground and distant trees. This tree is roughly 20,000 polygons.Let me know any comments or critiques.I still may experiment with particle emitters to create trees too.


Saw the render of the tree and stopped in to say the colors are too saturated for my taste, but the modeling and texturing are supurb. While I was here, I took a look at the entire thread and I just love your ship designs. Very nice.

In all your colored images I think the colors could be grayed out a little. Keep some of the saturated colors, but use them more sparingly. Just my opinion.

Keep up the good work.



The tree looks cool, it seems to fit well with the overall colour scheme of your piece, but the green is a little too dark (and also, I think I have to agree with Crusty_Butt, the colours are a little too saturated IMO).

The modelling itself is very cool.

I look forward to seeing the trees incorporated into the main piece.


Hi Mike, its a very painfull to model a tree, leaf by leaf…congratulations !!

You can distor a litle more the main trunk and the secondary ones to add more random to the tree.
I agree with the green colour. It´s too dark and too saturate. You may try to add some random variation of saturation, lightness and hue of the color of the leaves. You can use more brown leaves below and more yellow at the top.
For background trees you can graduate low the resolutions of the models. In the midle plane you can use some planes with a bunch of leaves in it´s texture to make the tree top and continue to use the 3D poly model for the trunks.

And finaly for the far background use the two planes with normal mapings.


Dean,Steve & Crusty

I will look at desaturating the colors a little, I guess I had the leaves rather dark because I wanted the trees to stand out from the grass terrain. Willl see how it goes when I start placing the trees.
Thanks for the comments


Well , here is the placement of the tree models in the foreground. I have to change the colors of the trees as they are too dark and darken the terrain. The lighting of the scene is way off but I think the trees look a little funny. Any words of wisdom out there.


Hmm - you’re right about the colour, but they’re only a little too dark (trees are pretty dark after all).

Umm, I think one reason the trees may look a little ‘funny’ is the terrain they’re on. Ususally, trees that grow in woods/forests (and that looks like what you’re attempting with the bulk of the trees), generally grow in mud and dirt, and not on grass - I think if you change the texture of the terrain under the trees, to a dirty brown (And blend it to grass as you move to the edges of the forrest), I think it might not look so ‘funny’.

The trees themselves look great IMO, it’s only when you look at the trunks that they seem odd, which is what led me to believe maybe the terrain was the problem.

Hope this helps.


WoW I am impressed!:eek: Excellent work!:applause:
Hope to see the other stages!:thumbsup:


I think I will try your suggestion about the forest floor being a different color.
Thanks for the comments.


• Hey, cool job!, I like the modeling, the concept, lighting also the sky but I think you can still improve it, the moons seem some kind of flat for me

• Do u use lightwave?, cool mountains modeling and also the foggy feel is great!

• You know, maybe a more colourfull sky will do great diferences, it looks like a duotone of blue
see u pal