Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


Here are 4 views of the enemy fighter. I just did a quick cockpit so there may be more to it than what you see here. I have to weld the two halves together so there is a seam up the middle. I was going for a little like a bat feel to it.The wings,fuselage and rear stabilizers are all one mesh.


hey mmoir-

i like the fighter design, has a retro jet fighter look to it, but it’s different enough. sort of new age design from the 50’s or 60’s. Almost Flash Gordon or Spaceman Cody in style. I like it, cool stuff…



I liked your sketches and models, i just thinking if your models need a litle more datails. The scene would be great but when working with print resolutions we need many details to the final image look interesting to the eyes.

Your colored sketche are very good and i think that you can use a hard sun light to create a more emocional shot.


Hey Dean,
Thanks for the comments , I was planning on adding more detail to the elements in my scene that are closer to the camera . I dont know exactly which ones are going to be closest ,so I was planning on adding detail later on. I was also going to be adding detail with texture maps too.


Here is the enemy fighter ,uvmapped in my 3d application then with my texture map applied . Some things don’t line up so I should fix that. Have to add some identification markings too. Going to add some other colors , just don’t know what yet.


Here is a prelim of the sky that I think I am going to use. I painted the clouds/Moons/stars and used as an alpha plane that reacts with the atmosphere in my 3d application. What do you guys think .


I like your scenery designs, but i think the, hhmm “spaceships” could be a little more origional. evrything else looks great though



Your models look like they’re coming out fine. However, in your concept sketch, it looks as though the planes are flying around aimlessly. Why are they going the direction they’re going, what are they flying to? What’s their purpose existing there other than a design element? Simple things like these are sometimes untouched upon and create a kind of puzzlement subconsciously with the viewer. As your story and concept should be detailed and strategically outlined, so should not just the composition, but the elements of the composition. A plane in the upper left corner might look cool, but so might a large bird or cloud or planet… what’s it’s purpose? Why a plane? why that plane? and Why right there?


Thanks for the comments.

Steve, There is quite a bit missing from my original concept drawing, the ships in that concept will be attacking the mining platforms, with other space craft defending .

Liquidminduk, This is really my first space scene so I may not have a great feel for this type of stuff. The ships are supposed to be both for space and air travel so maybe thats why they don’t look like spaceships only. I agree the look too much like just airplanes.



Hi MMoir,

The sky is looking good. I like the composition and the colors you are using. Nice textures on the clouds as well.

I do suggest that you overlap the planet on the left with part of the clouds near it to push it back a little. It has a lot of contrast and is popping forward. Knocking back it’s value a hair and getting some overlap with the clouds would push it back nicely.

Great stuff!



Hey Gary,

Yeh I have been playing with that , I should tone it down a bit more . Thanks.


i love the cargo ship! i dont know why, but reminds me a big gangsta car :cool:


nice models of spaceships~
how about adding more people to make it more grand?
just an idea :slight_smile:


Here is the Background mountains in the my modeler, the blue lines are Crease to form crevices. I drew a polyline,then extruded ,shaped ,extruded againg and so on. I dynamically extruded mesh to get nice lumpy feel.


Here is a rendering of the my scene so far. I added the mountains , to my sky I completed yesterday. The texture for the mountains may change. What do you guys think.



I like the enviroment but i think that the planets need more volum. Now they look like circles no like spheres so you need a shadow area.

Anoter thing is the composition. Maybe is a good idea to make a rough composition with yours spaceships, cargo ships and plataforms, so that way you can cleary see the exactly place of all alements in your scene. This will be good for add more datails and to choose the right resolutions of your maps.


Hey Dean,
Yes I think the planets need more volume too, I just haven 't figured the best way to do it yet. My sky is currently an alpha map I created that mixes with the atmosphere in my 3d program. I may just do those types of things in Postwork.
I am getting close to putting my scene elements all together like you say which is a good idea and will help out. I just have to create the middle and foreground terrains , then I will start positioning the elements.
Thanks for the tips.


Question: do they have to be planets or can they be moons? (I think moons might actually look beter than planets for that type of scene, but thats just me)

Also, while your spacecraft isn’t bad (design-wise), the textures/surfaces is really throwing it off from looking real (reminds me of a plastic toy model rather than a real aircraft); bump maps and specularity maps might help.


Artistic Visions,

Presently the planets are modified moons , I think I will play with this in postwork. As far as the aircrafts Texture maps , I will have to create a separate Tmap for bump only which I should do , thanks.


The composition is going well, I like the mountains and the sky, I agree about a little more detail on the moons, but anyways looks very good.
The fuel ship is really nice! I like it. In the fighters, I find a little strange the copkit, maybe too airplane style, I dont know…
well, I hope this little critics helps, good work so far :thumbsup: