Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


Great job mmoir. This challenge saw my first “complete” character too! So I know
the feeling… I think you have the most realistic scene.

[my 3d gso](most realistic scene.)


Hi, Ok, cool, I could suggest you On your image right melting a
little planets for better an integration, good luck for the end.


Mike that is looking great man. The smoke trail looks sweet, the scene overall is beautiful, really something worth fighting for! If this is the final it looks awesome!:thumbsup:


Here is my Final image called “Hold the Line.” with a short story line.

The last 10 years have seen a war raging as a result of greed, the Durge have attacked many worlds for the sake of power and the need for raw materials, they have brought their greed to a new galaxy and brought chaos to its inhabitants. The Muhanians have allied with their neighbors in defending there galaxy and way of life from this new agressor but things weren’t going well until recently. Two months ago the mining operation on Muhan became operational and provided the allies with a powerful new fuel and weapon, Carbium , it is easy to produce and the alliance ships are faster and more powerful as a result . The Durge have discovered this new developement and realize the supply of Carbium has to be stopped or their conquest is lost.
Thus today on Muhan begins with the full assualt on the Carbium mining platforms, the Muhanians and their allies know they “Must hold the line”, the supply line of Carbium must continue to flow. The entire galaxy’s freedom depends on the heroes of today,the ordinary soldier, the ordinary pilot and gunner. The day has just begun, but the end of the day will tell the tale, will they " Hold the line"

Hope you like the image and good luck again to all the contestants, trying to upload a little large jpeg image then my last image.


this turned out really good. I like the sky alot. It even had a cool little story to go along with it. Good job



This is fantastic Mike! I really love the colors you used. That soldier firing the missile is a dazzling touch. This is one of the few contest entrees that actually looks like a real picture. I could see this being from an intense battle in some classic space epic. Perhaps even the last battle, or at least the one right before it :wink:

Great work!


Great image mate! :thumbsup: The amount of effort and work included in your image is really something! Really happy to watch over this progress…

Wishing the best on your entry! :slight_smile:


your entry makes me want to play Command & Conquer :shrug: :smiley:

you did a great job filling in the scene, lots of stuff to stare at, but still very clear at the same time.:eek:
good luck, and well done!:thumbsup:


I love command&conqer series… and yes, there is something about your picture that reminds me about it. Especially about the “tiberian sun”. I think I will come back to this one:twisted:
Again take my congratulations and see you on the next creazy challenge!


… a great final piece Mike. Congratulations and good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


mmoir thanks for you support, in the time that I was competing, I hope that we are again but ahead in another one of these ecxelentes competition. :thumbsup:

I see that you are an opponent ecxelente and that this your work is one of the best thing than I have seen.

it follows ahead. :bounce:

Johnny Alejandro


Quite a workload,quite a nice result.Nice work ethic in this throughout Mike…A well done piece of art.Best to you and I hope our paths cross again,it’s been nice meeting you.:cool:


Very nice Mike. Your image, for sure, will “Hold the Line”.
Dont know why, but your image reminds me of Heroes - the game. Youve donne a very beautifull job here. :thumbsup:
Congrats mate and Good Luck in judjing phase!! :applause:


Very nice, looks like you put in a lot of hard work, congatz on finishing and good luck


Hey there a lot of nice detail in your final work, the image looks great as a whole as well as many little pictures too. good work:thumbsup:


Thanks for the critics and compliments
Your challenge picture is also good. Remembered me old kind Sci-Fi series. Huge aerial (or space) combats with fighters, planes, spacecrafts etc.
My only critic is that the weapon of the guy on the left could be a fictious one instead of a stinger.
Good work. Congratulations


Now thats alot of detail and plenty to look at…great stuff :slight_smile: goodluck


Hey Guys,
Thanks for the comments and I will see you on the next contest. Good luck to everyone.


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