Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


Thanks for the comments,
I will emphasize the smoke from the bazooka more and mining platforms more.


The background city realy looks like a flat texture…



I changed the texture to the city to be more reflective ,I notice this too. I may play with the texture some more.Thanks.


An update here, changed the lighting in postwork. Added a stronger light on the right side of the image as well as the bright stars . Also emphasized the smoke more.


• Hey Mike! It looks Excelent! :bounce: I just have 2 suggestions:
• How About one big fire explotion?
• The first moon is too dark and its glow gives a feeling that it is much more closer to us

• Minor details i thing, I am glad you are almost done my friend, Keep at it! :thumbsup:


Hi, Your work is cool, there is a pleasant light. good luck


Looking good now. I think that you may also work on the smoke from a crushed ship. The smoke is too thick, should be a little bit more spread, especially in higher parts. Nice progress! And I agree about the moon.


Can’t believe I’ve not seen your thread before.
Looking good so far. Maybe like Arturro says the smoke could do with being a little bit bigger and maybe more drift for dynamism.
Perhaps a little more bluish depth cue in the mountains to the left, the marine has a similar colour palette so could maybe do with a little more haze and cooling of the background colours to push him out.
Good to se someone nearly finished, unlike myself ( ahem ). Good luck.


nice update Mike!:bounce:


The lighting change really added some life to things!!:thumbsup:

Nice going mate! Waiting for your final touches…:slight_smile:


Here is a possible final image, I added the sidearm to the soldier,an enemy fighter crashing to the ground and changed the explosion to the crashed ship. I also added the explosion on the midground mining platform. Lightened up the one planet a bit .Added more haze to the image and changed the texture to the city . I haven’t uploaded the final yet but I think this will be my final image.
Good luck everyone with the contest it was a real learning experience.


Hi Mike…I am stopping by in a very busy time just to drop off a congrats to you on a good job well done…:thumbsup: …You got a nice scene done here,and it’s quite apparent alot of work went into your entry here,and all solid in all departments…Nice scale and scope and all in all a real nice job here.You saw this through to the end,and if I am correct only 100 or so people will actually get there entries finished out of some 2500 or so that entered…

Anyways,well done and congrats to a nice job.Good luck to you,take care for now…:arteest: :arteest:


well mike first of all nice pic!
second congratz… u have finished… it ends here :slight_smile:


Very well done; good luck, man.:slight_smile:

EDIT: Forgot to say this earlier, but your entry reminds me strongly of a Ben Bova novel for some reason. :smiley:


This is a really cool image!! Good luck :bounce:


• Yeah Mike! You are allready there! I like it a lot, though too much green for me, :smiley: it is very well done! Following your develope has really pay off, I congratulate u, now you are free to test other angles or details and choose the one is just right for u :arteest: or siple play around with the elements u allready have :bounce: :beer:


great renders man, turing out really fine… but i got a lil crit abt the shooting foreground soldure… i dont think he fits good for his position. its just me though… anyways ur image looks really grand and huge… wish u all the best!!


you did a very nice job Mike…
great image…:thumbsup:


great work, mike. this image came so far–you must have learned a lot, and be pretty pleased with the results. good stuff :thumbsup: .plus you’re finished, which is something i’m not too sure about right now.


Hey Guys ,
Thanks for the support.
Hey Janet, yes I have learned alot ,especially character modeling I haven’t really modeled a complete character before this contest and am extremely happy with the main character I modeled.Not perfect but alot better than I thought I was going to do. I am not totally comfortable with posing the character yet but getting better.I am really glad I entered this challenge.
Good luck to everyone finishing your images.