Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


your scene is very realistic rendering! but i think the angle of ship fly in the sky is too repetitive , maybe it’s just me ,
good job!:thumbsup:


Nice pose Mike! :thumbsup: I think now you should work a bit on scene FX…likes smokes from the rocket launcher also some trail smoke from rocket…a minor suggestion would be to stick the human’s hand to the launcher…

Keep it coming!! Great improvement!:thumbsup:


Nice updates, the addition of the soldier holding the rocket looks great. The trajectory of the rocket looks a bit off.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments.
Ace4016, I will fix this , thanks.I had the missile not in line with the launcher because I thought the launcher’s nose would naturally be raised up by the rockets kick, but it does look out of place.
Terraarc, yes I will be moving on t0 the FX work, don’t know how much of this has to be 3d . Do you know if smoke, contrails can be 2d postwork.
Monsitj, the enemy fighters are supposed to be in a loose formation that descends from the mothership. When the contrails are added hopefully it will look like an organized attack. Although I think I will change the angle of a row of the fighters. Thanks


You could add a second guy facing us and bringing up another missile to load it while
the first guy continues holding the launcher. This way you can see all the great work
you did texturing his face. Since they are using uniforms and rigged it shouldn’t take
too long. Besides, this would add to the sense of urgency. These guys work in pairs
like this too. You could really sense the urgency to hit all those planes quickly. And
it would be fun to see how you establish that look on his face. As for the missile,
its back could be tilted up about 5 degrees to aim at the starting point before the kick better.
Why does the first soldier look thinner now? Does his chest need to be thicker front to
back? Or his shoulders broader? Or is than just an illusion brought on by the helmet?
Anyway, looks really great. With the contrails and effects it will rock even more.
Leonard said all kinds of post “trickery” is allowed. In the FAQ section:

Q: Because of hardware limitations, is it ok to render a part and use it as a background, or render in “layers” and composite it all togueder later?
A: All post trickery is allowed and encouraged.

#25 FAQ
I’m not considering using stock photos/models and stuff “borrowed” from other people in any entry- the reason I ask, is just that I often use this type of “cross media”. I would assume, that as long as the use of this technique is only used for subtle workup (like a bit of smoke added in photoshop on a 3D render) it would be acceptable?

The body of your work is definitely
3d. Any body else know about specifics like explosions, fire, smoke done in post?
I’m planning to add some in mine, in post.
It looks like you should change the right hand to the back, where the trigger is.
Check out these photos at this link,Here is a link to the stinger:

my 3d entry


It’s turning out quite nicely Mike.Lots of work,you stuck with this all the way,and it’s paid off for you…good luck for the rest,keep at it as you have,and you will have an enty to be proud of…:arteest:


:bounce: :beer: :bounce:


Great work! Maybe some smoke effects could be added to the jets?



Great work Mike! That looks much better. I would be sure and put more negative force in his body. I.e, The more the blast is big the farther back he would be thrown, or the more forward force his posture should represent to hold him in place. Anyway, keep at it, doing great! Have a Happy, safe new year!


wow, it’s been a while the last time I check your thread. Nice work. I must agree with what ppl have already said. I don’t get the feel that the rocket was just fired, more contrail smoke is needed but you already knew that :slight_smile: consider adding some smoke behind the soldier’s rocket launcher. If you need some good photoshop brushes for that work look here:

and this one is very cool too.

David Nagel has shared alot of his brushes. I use them all the time, they are all great.:thumbsup:
hope that helps.


Thanks for the comments, I am just thinking if I should add anything . I will do the special fx in postwork (contrails,smoke, etc. ). If I get any ideas I guess I could add them as composites later.

Snows , thanks for the brushes links but I dont use photoshop or cs.




Best of wishes…for best of results and development from the new year!:slight_smile:


hey Mike, looks like you’ve been rocketing’ right along! (yeah, pun intended)

down by the guy’s waistline there is a row of what looks like fins or vertical stabilizers with red insignias on them; are these fighters, or some piece of machinery/artillery i’m not picking up on?

i’m looking forward to that post work and seeing some more stuff getting blown up!

nice job man,




The verticle fins with the insignia belong to a cargo ship that is landing on the mining platform the soldier is standing on. You can see the cab or pilot area of the cargo vessel between the soldier and the left side of the image at the soldiers waist height. I thought this was clear enough, maybe not.


oh, ok. my bad, I assumed.:blush:


very nice job Mike… great!:thumbsup:


Hi there again! great work done. I like it a lot! I think that you know what you’re doing and will make it even better:)


This update I changed the lighting a bit, added the smoke and contrails and other FX stuff.I changed the texture to the background city , I think I like it better . Anyways,I am getting closer to finishing the image off.


yeah! it’s getting better and better. I only miss some smoke from the bazooka. Small one in the front, and maybe also some in the back, it would more real.


I agree with arturro, the more you tweak it the better it gets. I am really digging your entry keep it up.