Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


Guys thanks for the comments.
Janet, you say make the bones simple . What do you mean by simple , I have a bone basically for every joint with the exception of the feet. For the hands how many bones should I have,I have 3 for each finger and one at the wrist. I have one for the neck/head/jaw , should I have just one for the head. I still have to experiment with all this.


actually I still use helper objects at times instead of complex bone arrays. Such as a box set to not render. Anyway, the complexity of a bone is only as much as the need for its dynamic use in your scene. If you don’t need to have a character animating then only bone the parts that need to be posed precisely. Don’t worry about the rest. After all we cannot see the bones, just the result of how well you use them.


• I like the last post, the sky looks cleaner, yeah, it is complicated to say: is beautifull but it’s also a shame that when all the ships are in scene they take too much of the landscape and it looks a little bit like a mess, but so is war!

• The bigger moon still looks so flat to me, if you see the lights in the mountains below, you see the sun is at the horizont right side, behind the city but the moon has its own light, since it is a composite it wouldn’t be hard to try a half moon, but as I said it just a personal feeling

• The overall looks fine, very good work

• If you consider Richard’s suggestion, i recomend that the cannon points to other side, we wouldn’t like to damage the towers by friendly fire :smiley: , Maybe since the soldier is in some kind o tower, he shots to a fighter that is flying not so hight in the middle of the field

:thumbsup: you are very close, and it is very good, but be carefull with the composition :buttrock:


hi Mike

about the latest post, I think the gun fire would be better if it’s not cutting across your scene, and maybe he’s firing outwards away from the camera.


wow … suprised i missed this thread… great stuff man…like the look of your work…


Here is a new sky , I have been trying to get better at painting the clouds,I am happy with the clouds . I am going to add a bit more color at the horizon though. Is it better then the previous sky.


look great man! Much better. Only the planets or moons are lightened in different way… and I think their lighting should be similar…
I’m waiting for next updates:)


Wow, that scene looks pretty good. This is the first nearly completed scene iv’e scene in all the threads ive seen. I’m sure its really far from finish. I think the scene looks a bit too peaceful right now (haven’t read the entire thread yet), thats my only critique so far. Nice job.


Yeah I’d get some of those trees burning, get some black smaoke billowing from the architecture.

I think we are too far away from the action at the moment, move the camera right in so we’re next to one of the ships.

When I think about this image I’m thinking back to how certain scenes were staged in the Pearl Harbour film. Love it or hate it you really got placed in the thick of it sometimes.
At the moment the viewer in your pic is in no [apparent] danger.


Hey hey it’s progressing nicely! It’s looking grander and grander with every update. U did a great job with the clouds I feel.

Are going to be any ships closer to the camera later on? It can help give the image greater impact I feel. Right now the action feels rather distant or far away.



i am agree with him:)


Man your image certainly got some dynamics on it! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Only thing I see not mentioned…(maybe I’m a little late for this comment…) is that the grass ground needs some color variation, it goes far in depth of image and seems a little monotone…:D…just an opinion…nothing major for sure!!

The scene is imroving and gots great action on it!:slight_smile:


Sorry to take so long responding. I’m by no means an expert rigger BTW, I’ve only done a few rigs. And it’s different in every software and depends on what posing you need to do (No need to rig the legs if you can’t see them…). So take what follows with a grain of salt. I use 4 bones per finger-the fourth one is actually the back of the hand, a bone for the wrist, and one for the forearm, one for the upper arm, and one for the shoulder (some people use 2). Three to Five for the Spine, two for the neck, and one for the head.

keep it coming!


Hey Guys,
Thanks for the comments. I will change the one moon to look more like the other planet lighting wise. Hopefully when I add the contrails to the enemy fighters you will get the feeling that the enemy is coming at you so it isn’t quit so peacefull. I am still trying to learn how to pose my main character better. I will also add columns of smoke like in a previous concept sketch . May burn a tree or two.


Just a new pose for the character , the character may be a little too big but I think it is better than the last pose. I changed the planets lighting too. Is this better than the previous pose.


This is really coming along great!

I think a more dynamic pose on the sdoldier in the FG would help as would changing the colour of the attacking ships. Right now I can’t tell the difference between the attackers and defenders…

The lighting is really coming along as well… nice work!


I just spent over 2 hours reading your whole thread. I really like the version
with the painted contrails, makes it so much more dynamic. The shoulder
missile is too big for its position/distance. But with the smoke trail added in
post and a bit of fire it will be very dramatic, even when the midssile is much
smaller. I think the guy should have his left leg out more, and his right back,
don’t those rocket launchers have a kick? He seems to be just standing there.
And dont those launchers have a handle for his left hand? You would think it
would be tough holding a launcher down. It would be cool if you could find
reference on the web, say for shoulder launcher? The post with some flak
pufs in the air could be cool to. Great job, wonder if I’ll get there.

my 3d entry


Thanks for the comments.
Userbrian,when I add the contrails to the final I hope the action comes alive, I will be doing that in postwork. The missile is the right size its just not pointing in the right direction in 3d space, I positioned it so its path/trajectory is towards the mothership. I will try to make this look a little better. I will try and overemphasize the pose I have now and it may help out with the pose.
Cgkrusty,The two combatant ships are different colors , it just doesn’t show up well here.I am still trying to learn posing of a character but I think I am getting a little better at it.


looking good, mike. :thumbsup: the new pose is much better than the last one. ( i think it could still be more extreme.) I also like the more contrasty colour scheme/lighting. keep on.


Here is yet another attempt at posting the soldier, I tried to show the kick from the just fired rocket launcher. I did add another handle but it isn’t totally visible , the left hand is just releasing the handle in this pose. I also darkened the sky a little more . Thanks for pushing for a better pose as I like this one much better , may add a sidearm to this guy too.