Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mike Moir


Oh man! It looks like you’re doen already…

One thing…the front lattice thing seems a little incomplete, like it’s untextured compared to the rest of your scene. But great work no less.



I have added a bit to my concept sketch based on peoples comments. I basically just added the idea of enemy motherships that the enemy fighters are descending from . I will have to model this but I think I have time to do this. This also shows some of what the dynamics of the final image will be like. I added all this in corel just to get a quick idea as to if I like the idea or not. I think the motherships add to the image. Any comments or crits welcome.


Your hard work on all the details is paying off. This has improved tremendously with the new sky, the action, the city and the cool electrical effect on top of the towers.



Nice updates mmoir!! :thumbsup:
Lighting looks better this way and I like the addition of action to the image!

Keep it up mate! You’re almost there! :bounce:


Guys ,
Thanks for the comments,
Keetmun, the lattice or Railing isn’t done like you said I have to position my main character on the balcony. I am also going to be adding more action like in my latest concept sketch ,so I have to do a bit more 3d modeling.


Yes now this i love it great work here this last render is awesome
and you have right the mothership really adds much to the image great work man keep it up:thumbsup:


great job on the updates. I am very much impressed with the feeling I get from your newest composition sketch. The progress on the soldier looks quite nice. Good work and keep at it!


Very nice additions to the concept - I love the purple plasma/electric things on the structures - they are totally awesome!

The action is sweet also - looks very impressive - can’t wait to see it in 3d.


Hey all,
I have added the character to the scene, this is the first time I have rigged a whole character(fingers and all) he looks a little stiff but its okay for now. Do people apply influences before you pose or after.
I also added the fighters and mother ships in 3d plus a few more defense units on the ground.
The next thing to do is make the final sky image. Let me know your comments and crits .


Great update mate! But I don;t like his pose. I don’t mean the stiffness or anatomy, but the idea. I would make his pose more dramatic… I don’t know, pointing there, shouting, beginning to run, or something like that. In my opinion he doesn’t fit to the content. But in a composition he looks great.


Wow. Great addition to the scene. I think Arturro has a good point, the idea behind what he is doing doesn’t seem to come across. I wonder why a guy would be standing there with so much action going on.



Hey man I love your work so much I want to see it be the best possible. I have seen the last few people giving suggestions and I feel that I might be able to help some.

In addition I think his face should be wrought with anger that anyone would want to defile suggest a beautiful place such as this with war, grimmacing and with brow furled. Anyway just my honest opinion. I know what ever you decide will look great as you have not let me down yet. GL.


perhaps even adding a second guy with a turrent and turning him about -45 z basically so that he is shooting at the closest ship. You would have to move the catwalk out a bit. Maybe even seeing a third guy or instead of the last idea the second and third guys setting up another railgun. Anyway keep at it.


Thanks for the input,
Arturro,Bret,- the pose I have now is supposed to be him turning to run into the mining tower looking back at what is coming, the problem is I posed the full figure and the feet and knees are what helps my idea come across but you dont see his feet or knees in the image so the pose doesn’t work. Thats why I thought he looked stiff because I was used to looking at the full figure pose which suggested more motion. I think I will try turning his head towards the viewer and see if this helps out.
||) |V| |^|- Richard, that is a good idea to have a gun turret or maybe a shoulder mounted missle launcher even. I would make the turret much smaller, I want the viewer to look at the battle scene first then maybe the character second. Thanks for the input .


Like I said, I am sure what ever you come up with will be fantastic. I am just glad to help out any way I can. GL.


Hello mmoir! Nice addition the character is! (some Yoda-ish for starter) :thumbsup:

I think you’re on the right way with this…What I would like to see is some movement and sense of despair around that guy…Maybe looking at the left behind the camera and pointing at the mothership…while he is rushing to the turret…Just an idea man…

Waiting for some more! :wavey:


Terraarc,||) |V| |^|,
For me to do more stuff with the soldier character I am going to have practice with posing as this is very new too me and I am far from good at it yet. If I can get better at posing the character I will do something with him
Thanks for the ideas


that’s some great environment man WOW I would like to make such a athmosphere I mean in the environment about the character I’m with the others I’m not sure about his pose :slight_smile: I WISH YOU LUCK MAN


Hey, mike, looking good. I don’t know how you’re posing the character, but I have found that it can be easier to put a simple rig in a charadter, even for still images. I like the idea of the soldier interacting more with the scene with a gun or something. It leads your eye into the battle scene. keep going!


great scene! i aggree with the others in my opinion the character this very calm, give them a more dramatic expression, the rest is fine, waithing to see more!!:bounce: