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Mike Moir has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final image “Hold the line”

Here is my Final image called “Hold the Line.” with a short story line.

The last 10 years have seen a war raging as a result of greed, the Durge have attacked many worlds for the sake of power and the need for raw materials, they have brought their greed to a new galaxy and brought chaos to its inhabitants. The Muhanians have allied with their neighbors in defending there galaxy and way of life from this new agressor but things weren’t going well until recently. Two months ago the mining operation on Muhan became operational and provided the allies with a powerful new fuel and weapon, Carbium , it is easy to produce and the alliance ships are faster and more powerful as a result . The Durge have discovered this new developement and realize the supply of Carbium has to be stopped or their conquest is lost.
Thus today on Muhan begins with the full assualt on the Carbium mining platforms, the Muhanians and their allies know they “Must hold the line”, the supply lines of Carbium must continue to flow. The entire galaxy’s freedom depends on the heroes of today,the ordinary soldier, the ordinary pilot and gunner. The day has just begun, but the end of the day will tell the tale, will they " Hold the line"

Hope you like the image and good luck again to all the contestants, trying to upload a little large jpeg image then my last image.


Hi all,
My name is Mike Moir and I am an architectural illustrator , I haven’t done many space type scenes so I thought this would be a way to get my feet wet. I will post a concept sketch about my idea. My idea is in all great battles there seems to be something that was pivotal to the victory or loss, either a strong offensive capability or a weak one. Hopefully I can show how something simple but necessary is what usually wins the battle and this simple commodity has to be defended for the benefit of all of humanity or the victory

Good luck to all


Well , here is my concept art for my entry , it may change over time a bit but this is the general impression I want. This scene depicts mobile mining platforms that harvest a recently discovered compound that is multipurpose and is giving humanity and its allies an edge in its battle against an enemy that has an unquenchable thirst to conquer new worlds. This compound provides the fuel for humanities defense ships as well for there general energy consumption. This fuel is relatively cheap to produce and the waste product from production of the fuel is used as a fertilizer for there crops. The alien invaders know if the production line is broken , humanity can be defeated… so does humanity and its allies.
Well thats the premise of the image.

Comments welcome.


Here is a closer view of the mining platform, it has gun turrets on each of the four legs to defend against the increasing attacks . The transport ships that come are also escorted by fighter craft to prevent and defend against attacks.
This will be the main model , the mining platform. I will also need models of the cargo transport and the fighter escorts.


Just remember, in order for your work to count in the Challenge, you need to submit it though the Challenge page.


i like the building concepts and the overall layouts of the first image…but you should post everything through the submit entree section


This is just a sketch showing the mobile mining platforms that mine the valuable compound CJ3 which provides the ultimate fuel and energy source for the human space alliance. The mining platforms will be more prominent in the final I think.


Thanks Artistic visions , I will look into that funkeymonkey90. I am new to all this , so I don’t know all the ropes . Should start modeling soon.


Here is a close up of the mining platform. Just reposting it as I linked to a server based image before and that was a no-no.


Hi Mmoir, I like your concept, but I would add more mining platforms, so that it would suggest massive scale mining. Now I think that without your description I wouldn’t now that this fuel source is so importand.

Keep workin’ :buttrock:


Thanks for the comment, I think I will add more platforms in the distance. The platforms in the foreground will be much bigger.


Here is a preliminary model of the Mining platform . The spheres at the top are going to collect atmospheric energy . Picture electrical arcs going from the spheres to the highest peak. Looking form comments as to wether this has the right look to it. Maybe I should make the 4 gun turrets a little bigger.


Nice model, but what is your plan for action in this comp?

Will this be a normal day of mining or will something unexpected happen? Will there be a massive accident, will the sky darken from pillars of somke like in Iraq from some uncontrollable fire?

Keep up the ideas… it looks ok so far.


This is a concept for the cargo ships that transport the fuel to its final destination.


I was thinking of the battle is just about to begin, you know its either a good day or a bad day,but you know its coming. I was thinking of having enemy fighters descending upon the mining platforms and just starting to open fire. The platforms will be starting to defend themselves with Anti aircraft fire. Also I was going to have the fighter escorts scrambling and maybe just taking off of the platforms.Each platform has a couple of fighter escorts for the cargo ships.
Thanks for the comments



your sketches are o.k. …but that model is looking GREAT…would love to see more action in the overall plan though. This is your chance to making something GRAND! good luck


I will probably add more depending on how things go. Thanks for the comments.


Here is the model so far of the Cargo ship. I still have to add the wings like in my concept sketch. I also may add a small gun turret below the pilots seat. Let me know if its to boxy. The fighter escorts are going to be more sleek looking.


the models are looking really good, I would suggest adding some micro bevels to your geometry, makes it so the corners catch the light better, but great work so far


nice clean work ya got goin … the scene will show off the expansiveness well i think … the only thing that hits me weird is the repeatitive greeble on the side off the ship … a little too copy/paste for me … just my thoughts though

good stuff:thumbsup: