Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michal Doniec


Michal Doniec has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: A portrait :slight_smile:

Portrait of little bird…


Quick concept doodle using Wacom… story will follow soon.


Hi everyone! Very cool challenge, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

The basic story is… species which are a form of galaxy hypermatter and eat planets and moons to get energy for life spread through universe. They exists in two forms - one huge which is a power form made of pure energy and hundreds of small, fast moving insect-like things which live inside big one.

There is only and one, last outpost of humanoid civilization… the moon of the capital planet just has been destroyed. The fleet is preparing for the last chance battle! Fighter ships are taking off from surface and half-destroyed orbital station and go for suicidal run against enemy.


I hope I’ll be able to finish it. Good luck everyone!


never mind double post


This is a concept sketch of energy beast… attacking the planet.

Ships/spacestation in front are missing - I’ll draw them soon and post update.

I think destroyed moon idea is not clearly readable, but I’ll sort it out in 3D.

I did it in 3 hours using wacom and painter classic. Hope you like it.


i hope your modeling skills are same good as your concept. :applause:


Hehe, I hope so ;).

That’s not finished yet… I need to draw some fighter ships attacking this guy. I didn’t decide yet if I’d put hundreds of small ships or few bigger… need to make decision between a battle or just little recon - if I were thopse guys who live on this planet down there I’d not send too many ships, they have already lost hehe… I’ll play around with it very soon.


Very nice start!
I think that becides putting space ships you also should consider more development of that beast. Something that completes the character as such. Since it’s very unusual. :slight_smile: And it’s gonna be the central part of the picture as I understand.
It was just a suggestion in advance so you won’t forget. :thumbsup:
Wish you good luck!


Good suggestion, I have something in my mind - like little ones (in my “story” haha) flying in and out from inside this guy. They are supposed to live inside the energy field generated by him (it? or maye it’s a she). Or maye I’ll just make him vomit a huge pillar of energy at those spaceships…

For sure I’ll make his body much more detailed, I have the look of textures in my mind, just didn’t have enough energy and time today to detail it… leaving it to 3D ;).


Now this is an interesting concept. I like it!

On your last concept sketch, I was looking at it and thought that it would look sweet to have the beast ripping through the planet. You know, instead of having it coming around the planet to destroy the moon, have it come right through it with pieces of the planet seen flying through space. You could layout a nice civilization on the surface that is being consumed by fire and what not to go with the ships attacking the beast. Just an idea ;).

I really like what you have now! Very imaginative! I look forward to seeing more :D.


I think something really good could come out of your second sketch . The shape looks promising . Good concept


Is he devouring or destroying the moon? Either way those little ships are screwed. The second version of the creature looks much better in my opinion.


Thanks for replies everyone.

Yes, he is destroying the moon, hehe…
First sketch was only a 15 minutes doodle, I forget my ideas easily.
Working on ships concepts, sketches/or models (I suck at drawing vehicles, so I may just post models and nots scare you to death) coming soon.


nice idea!! :thumbsup: I look forward to see how you’ll be developing this one! :bounce:


After long break (IRL stuff), I had some time to work on it.

Here is first fighter ship model… I am not going to scare you with concept sketch hehe…

I need to model on or two variations of those and a capital ship.


Wireframe… hope you can see something on this picture.


I wanted it to look like a bird… there isn’t too much detail on the mesh, I kinda want this clean look. But there is a lot planned for texture, I may use some displacement.


And last one. Hope you like it. I need to do some tweaks here and there but it’s pretty much finished.

I want to throw a lot of these little birds at energy monster (see concept)


Whoops… posted wrong picture


Whoops… posted wrong picture