Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Wilson


A slight composition update.


wow. this is looking great. the extra explosions, and the fire trailing behind the rightmost ship, and the composition change have really bumped this to the next level. great work. :applause:


The way the explosion and pieces fit so well as in like they look like they were blown off the planet/moon. and the ships looking like they stir up the dust and particles. Very cool.


Same comments as the 2 previous posts. The explosion look just great! I would maybe add orange/yellow reflections of lights that may come from the explosion on the ships. Anyway, that is just my opinion.

Great work!:slight_smile:


congrats Michael…
really great update…! this new picture looks great…! :thumbsup:
keep it going my friend and cheers… :beer:


Awesome work man. It looks like it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge.
Very Professional. Kudos.


I think that little bit of flame you added in the update really works. This image has turned out really well, good job Miketche.


Thanks for the comments and encouragment everyone. :applause: Still working on a number of small tweeks. :wip: :arteest:

I should update sometime soon.


Just a little bit of post work in photoshop. Also some brightness and contrast adjustments.


Congratulations for you job!



I think those post effects you added were worth the effort, adds to the image for sure. Especially the glow or dust around the planet.


Hi miketche

Nice composition, very dramatic,

maybe a character could be superimposed behind the space shot, only a idea

my link

all the best



nice work man. although i would like to see more life in the scene (u know probably more ships)

keep it up


Here it is, the final image.

Well good luck to all. It was fun.


Mike ,

The final image looks excellent, great job on this.:thumbsup: Now you can sit back and watch the rest of us rush to the finish line.


HI miketche

Well done! a wonderful entry, it was very dramatic, they looked like they are distroyers
of planets and worlds, I found your process and development very clear, and textures are excellent, the only small comment I have is, I thought the black hole was a little big in terms of the over-all composition, I would have put it further back ,but I think perhaps you were aiming for high drama,

powerfull 3d design wonderful colors that are symonous with space opera theme, best of luck in the final shake down. You get my vote!

all the best



great stuff, mike. :applause: I envy you being finished. I’m pretty sure I’m saying goodbye to sleep for the next 3 weeks…


great image!!


good luck!



Great image!




Thanks everyone for the comments and support. Best of luck to everyone.

I had toyed around with adding more ships to the scene, but you really wouldn’t have been able to see any ships on the far side of the planet, too small, and close up more ships just seemed to clutter the image. I figured three was a good number. :shrug: