Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Wilson


@ Nomad - I might try seeing how some floating magma would look. I give it a try. Thanks

@ JamesMK - I’m not sure what I could add to the left side of the planet. It does already have some cities just visible on the surface. Probably easier to see in high res.


Ah, I see. The usual problem with working in high res, kind of annoying at times. Cool looking work at any rate.


very nice comp miketche, that’s a blackhole right? is it made up of pure particles or photoshop? well, it’s not the final image yet… this will be great.:thumbsup:


Really coming along, Mike. The composition is great. The only thing i find (a bit) odd is that the planet is lit from the left, when it seems like the strongest light source would be it’s molten interior or the black hole/aura thing. :thumbsup:


The light source to the left is this planets’ solar systems’ sun. Which hasn’t been grabbed by the Black hole yet.

There is light eminating from the molten core with visible light shafts (which you can see in one of the earlier test renders)

And the light from the black hole is from behind.

There is also some dim ambient light from the right (Ambient light in space?) Maybe from a nebula near by?

I’ll post my lighting setup later tonight. Pretty simple really.


seems like ur image is talking shape… nice work so far… and as it looks it need hell load of particles and dust shooting in many direction!


The planet uses four particle emitters, with rocks of varying shapes and sizes, each emitting a different number of particles. This is in addition to the large modeled shapes of the planet.


So here’s my lighting. Basicly a three point set up.


Hi Michael… very nice stuff your doing here! :thumbsup: but i think you have to consider absolutely right observation from JamesMK about composition!

also from myself i can add that:

  1. Textures - your planet needs texture for inner side of the chunks as they are glowing magma…
  2. Lighting - your composition would look better if you remove your fill light… also you may displace sun light so only small part of the planet is lighted… nearly 1/5 or even 1/6…
    your inner planet lights must be much more intensive with bright yellow/orange color and strong decay/attenuation…
  3. Effect - sorry, i din’t read in the thread how you make your effect… i mean with particles or not…
    if you made it with particles you need to adjust motion blur by particle age or speed…
    if it’s manual setup you need to setup motion blur manualy as well…
    in any way your old and small chunks must move faster then large and close to the planet…

sorry for too many tips but your scene is really good and you can improve it a lot and make it very impressive… :thumbsup:

best of luck Michael and cheers…


cool stuff~
one suggestion~
you might want to consider addin more stuff?more spaceships or so…
to give it a more “grand” feel?


It’s looking great!! The composition does give a spiraling feel that I like very much. Two suggestions I have; adding more atmoshpheric vapor trailing away and perhaps adding a glow atmoshphere layer to the planet side opposit to the black hole, to give it some more depth through some remaining atmosphere. It looks now a bit too clean/bare.

Anyway, excellent progress :thumbsup:


Ok, here’s a new idea for the ship. Less streamlined, more industrial. What’s your take on this new design? The previous ship should be on about page 7.


Thanks for the replies and suggestions guys.

@ greentek - Some great suggestions there. I actually did follow JamesMK’s suggestion. If you look at the first composition he was commenting on compared to the latest compositon you can certainly see a difference.

@ young_927 - Working on it now.

@ Peter C - I actually was thinking of bumping up the atmosphere trail a bit. And I’ll be adding some glow to the left side of the planet in post.



Some test images of the two different ship designs. My wife like’s the bottom one.

There are still some changes I’d like to implement from suggestions I’ve received.


i agree with your wife Michael… i also like second image more… i think because second ship is looking more complex… but anyway composition looks very nice… :thumbsup:
keep it up mate!


Yup I prefer the second ship as well. IMO the second one looks tougher than the first one, making it more believable. Mad modelling skills you got!



really nice!! i prefe the second one for the foreground but i’m think it’s also kool with the other space ship in the backround and both together makes more complex the image…very good job:thumbsup:


I think you should use both ships in the image.


nice progress, I like the background!

I like most the first ship, but using both ship can be good too.


Thanks for the suggestions and words of encouragment. Always good to hear. I think I’ll maintain a consistant ship design with one or the other. Kind of like a world wide cooperative effort to develop spacecraft capable of transporting the population off the doomed planet. I know these three ships are far from able to contain the whole population of a planet. I see it as the last three ships of a large fleet.

Mad Modeling skills? Actually I feel like I’m just bumbling around most of the time. I look at other threads and see the fantastic ship designs you guys do and wish I had half the skill. But I still think it’s great fun.

Well, I feel like I’m nearing the completion of my image. With almost of full two months left. :hmm: What am I supposed to do now?