Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Wilson


Well, here is a new design for the ship. I’d like your input on it as well.

The whole idea behind the original fin in the first place was I did in fact picture the ship traveling through an atmosphere. Upon reaching a new home world, they would land on the planet to disembark. Well, scratch all that now. How’s this new design?



Black hole (and its event horizon festivities): very nice!
Planet (undergoing a nervous breakdown): very nice!

Galactic civilization?


An early composition and lighting test. I can see a number of things I want to change.


:wip: wow looks really promising and the quick test is really amazing… probably more contrats are needed, but still a wip. yeah the space ships looks really better now…




Your doing some fine work/art here Michael…keep it up,I think the direction and idea are real good,and your reaching the potential of your plan thus far…Nice going…:arteest:


WOW! Great looking so far! You’ve got some real world macro-phusics action got there! And the ship looks pretty slick and enormous too!:thumbsup:


Great work so far. The idea is really strong.

How are you going to show the atmosphere of the planet? Would it still be visible under such conditions? I really like what you’ve done with the breakup of the planet and the core. Maybe you could use the atmosphere to give a sense of suction by placing cloud like swirls around the planet and being sucked into the force of the black hole.

Excellent visuals. Good luck.


Yes, something like that. :smiley:


Ship size: now I am feeling it! - yeah - that looks a lot bigger - has ‘some’ similarity to the Mon Calamari cruisers in ROTJ with it’s organic lines and rounded extrusions, but not overly so!

Love the colour visual - great to see these 2 strong elements composed together! :smiley: :beer:


It’s surely coming along nicely, Michael :thumbsup:

Don’t know how close this will be to your final compo, but I feel that it might benefit from a slight rearrangement… like moving the shredded planet closer to the camera, and sort of introduce a deeper sense of perspective by having the actual black hole “further away”… to introduce a strong diagonal leading into the picture and the black hole… sorta… hope you’re following what I’m trying to say :smiley:


@ JamesMK & Jddog - Thanks for the input. I’m still working on the composition.

@ Kromekat - Mon Calamari hu? I’ll have to watch it again.

@ Virtuoso - Thanks for dropping by. Love you work! :buttrock:


You have done great visuals for the planet and for the black hole :thumbsup:
but sorry the ship looks not nice for me… in my opinion its too classical :sad: ... Im sure you can find some more original design :bounce: something more devlopped… just thinking loud… maybe with some small ships around or docked… some ships could not make it and some will return safe to the cargo…


Excellent use of colors in that scene!


whoah mamma,
I would hate to be on that planet.
Great imagery. I like the vibrant colors.


I’ve done a little experimenting, and this is what I’ve come up with for the escaping Dust / Atmosphere trail coming off the planet. Will probably need some additional tweeking once I see how it renders with the planet.


An update to the composition.


Hi, I really like the breaking up effect of your planet and was attracted by the colours!! :thumbsup: Claireabella


Nice Michael…This is a nice new updated compo…beautiful colors and major epic event all in one,nice show!:thumbsup:


Absolutely great image :thumbsup:

Will you add some effects of “fluids” to the lava core? That shoud looking great with some floating lava in the space, no?

Nice work :bounce:


Shaping up very nicely now :thumbsup:

Are you planning to add some detail to the undamaged left side of the planet? I think it would look very neat with something on the surface there :lightbulb