Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Wilson


That planet is really shaping up nicely! You could try having a volumetric light within the structure so that light radiates through the cracks. Also, black hole looks awesome :thumbsup:


Woohoo! That looks so cool :thumbsup:


Awesome planet … the visit to your thread is in my daily todo list … looking forward for more

Bye, Riccardo


I really like how this is going, the planet effect is stunning!


WOW ! amazing texture, did you use BodyPaint… ?
Wonderful results :applause:


Nope, no Bodypaint. Just Photoshop and Cinema 4D. :cool:


Wow, for now, your work rocks guy ! Good luck in this challenge !


Wow! powerful visual :eek: , verry cool work. :thumbsup:

I keep an eye on this thread. :lightbulb


This is looking awesome. Should the planet have some bump to it (eg. mountains)? It looks very smooth. Can’t wait to see how this progresses.


Begining the ship.


it looks awsome … but perhaps too intact kinda gloopy… for the violent action thats going on… but no doubt very amazing work man keep it up


Wow, Miketche really nice work so far!


@ vrhead - Not sure what you mean. :shrug:

@ soapy - Thanks man. I’ll check out your thread soon. :smiley:

@ artemesia66 - The planet does use a bump map. But very small. I don’t think mountains would be very visible from that far away. More the impression of mountains.


Hey miketche

your ship model is really nice, looking forward to see it textured (after seeing your planet and black hole I expect high level also for the ship :)) … are you using Cinema4D also for modelling? What version? Just curious …

Nice work, see you soon

Riccardo :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve done a little more work on the ship, but I’m just not feeling it with this current design. :banghead: It just doesn’t seem to have the epic look I’m trying to achieve with this image. Back to the drawing board I guess. :arteest:


… ok try simply to do another space ship… different style, different sketches… but don’t trash waht you did until now man… eventually you can recover something…

I wait for the up-date !



I think that maybe the ship doesn’t achieve a great sense of scale because of the high curvature - if the arc of its edges didn’t reach a full right angle, had less depth to it, it might be more believable - less Y depth and less resolved arcs!
The very large dorsal fin also brings it into the realms of a smaller craft! - just my 2c! - I am sure you’ll resolve it soon though, and it will knock our socks off! :thumbsup:


really nice render of the planet !very impressive great work!:thumbsup:


Thanks for the input guys. I’ll definitly keep working on it. :wip:


I agree with kromekat about the curvature and fin. It all indicates a much smaller vessel. Think of it this way: If this is supposed to be a huge space ship then why does it have a fin at all? Fins are used to control movement in matter like air or water, but this ship is traveling in areas where there’s no matter at all - space. In space there’s only vacuum. So by adding a fin you instead plant the notion of a ship made for atmospheric travels, not space. And besides, if the space ship is supposed to be huge then imagine the scale of that fin :slight_smile:

Otherwise it’s looking good and the black hole is wonderful!