Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Wilson


Great work, and the best of luck to you.


Thanks everyone for the encouragement. :applause:

@ TiTaNiuM - Thanks for the suggestions, I’m definatly working on it some more. :wip:


Amazing work on the black hole, stunning texture work and I love the progress… :thumbsup: and I coninue to watch your thread Miketche.



Here is an updated Black Hole.


These are the hand painted texture maps (Photoshop) used for the dust ring around the Black Hole. Most of the other elements were done with visible light.

Also a standard Cinema 4D Spiral Galaxy shader was used on the disk.


That black hole looks awesome. Very clever I must say. Carry on! :wip:



compliment for the black hole, it is really really good (well, I’ve never seen a real black hole around, but it is exactly as I would expect) … I spent the last week end tring to find a good theme for my entry and I end up with an escaping scene from a planet revolving around a black hole … but after seen your image I have to change subject … I can’t compete with your black hole :)) … real good job, hope to see progress on your project soon …

Riccardo :slight_smile:


thing about black holes devouring planets is that,

first thing that comes off is the atmosphere,
second, it [black hole] will strech out the planet, heating its core, thus turning the planet into vulcanic inferno,
at last just before dovouring it, the planet will become pure plasma!

trust me, I know a thing or two about astro physics!
having explaind these things… wow it really might look cool!


I always like information like this. Myself having no real knowledge of astro phenomenon. Although there will be magma involved and the atmosphere will be gone, I like the breaking up look of the planet. Just trying to make something that looks interesting. For example, I really have no idea if this is what a Black Hole looks like, but I think it looks cool. But keep the information coming. It always helps. :applause:


Hi Mike

maybe you can be interested in lookin at the ESA (European Space Agency) site

lot of inspiration … see you, Riccardo :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for that link. Some great inspirational art there. :buttrock:


great stuff!

im no 3d wizz, but i give you this advice: do research on black holes, particularly how light is handled. remember simply that you only see a blackhole because of the lack of light. (correct me if im horribly wrong, which isnt unlikely)
some of the technical advice in your thread so far is really really good! but just tread carefully, blackholes are still a mystery, but if you can capture that mystery, itll be awesome!


Well, Peddy you are only half right - nothing can get out of the black holes -even light, due to its [black holes] gravitational pull [actually there is this thing called black hole evaporation, those are them beams of light coming out of the black hole’s poles, it is a sort of radiation, that also has a mass]. It means that if black hole has nothing to “eat” it really is invisible [a black dot in the space], but when it is eating suns and planets, it creates a vortex of heated mass around it!

OK, back to the point, your black hole does look like a real one! Only thing wrong is that at the center of vortex [black hole itself] there should be a light blue glow [the hottest point -the hottest light by the way is light blue], because of the hot plazma.

But usually people depict black holes the way you do, with a black dot in the midle [a sort of stereotype]. That brings up the issue of credibility vs. reality! So its up to you to decide, I’m just here for the scientific blabber!


The black hole is looking really cool Mike! - cool progress! :thumbsup:


Yes…the black hole is looking awesome!

Cant wait to see some other things added to the scene. Keep it up man!


I agree with the rest, the black hole looks awesome, nice colors! I hope to see more soon


^^this guys sure knows a lot… i bet he read the book called ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stiphen Hawkins… well that book really xplanes a lot…
okay now to the point… ur images r really aweosme… i totally dig the hole u made… the only hthing i can point is ur black hole is TOOO big and shows less action around it… i mean a baseball size black hole can devoure up our whole earth… anyways… i say y dont u make the near region of the hole more dark, so it would look really powerful…


Texture work for the planet.


Interesting concept and idea that is looking better and better! :thumbsup:



Mike - that’s looking great man!! :thumbsup: