Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Wilson


I like it. Its coming along good. I agree also. Its the artist not the software. Keep it up.


Thanks everyone. :applause:

@ MailboxHead - Yes, the real progression of my work comes out in 3D. My concept sketches are just there to help me hammer out ideas, but never to finalize anything.

@ JamesMK - I’m not sure I really follow you. :shrug: A lot of the finer cracks and such are going to be done with textures.


Wow, really cool to se your concept so well realized at this early stage. Can’t wait to see more!!! :thumbsup:


Amazing job with the modeling!! Keep it up!


wow, great progress so far … it looks awesome


very nice! i like!..remember wez gotta think outside the bun.



Epic scale,and a nice idea.The planet breakup will be an event for sure.I like where you are headed,interesting thus far Michael…:arteest:


I like where this one is going :thumbsup:


I like the idea a lot, and I think that maybe having the Planet as the farther object might help portray pulling better? I hope to see more on this one soon :smiley:


That will most certainly do the trick. Carry on! :smiley:


Ok, here’s the basic mesh of the Black Hole!


And here’s the Black Hole textured. Still needs some work I think.

At the rate I going I could easily have this image done in a month. What am I supposed to do for the next two months?


WOW!! :eek:
I really love the black hole!!! :thumbsup:
maybe adding some particle/object being sucked into?


looks very promising, the vortex absorbed planet looks amazing. I like the first version with blue hole / red planet


Thats a really nice start to a hole in space of some kind. Very s[color=white]ingularity[/color]-esk… I like it.


wow very cool!


Whoa…that looks sweet! Very impressive work!

That black hole looks incredible. And the planet breaking up is a very nice touch. Cant wait to see it all put together.

Awesome job! Looking forward to more!


I believe that the glowing disc around the black hole needs some work:

  1. I would give the neutron star a corona of sorts, and gradually decrease the luminosity as one travels outward.
  2. The disc of matter may seem more realistic if you slapped in some particles. Not many, but just a few ‘chunks’ of nearly-excited matter.
  3. The star or the event horizon seems out of scale – too big for the size of disc.
  4. The matter in the disc appears too uniform – especially at the edges. I would expect that the ‘arms’ manner of distribution would be more pronounced.

Your planet still needs some work, but it is already FANTASTIC!!


The black hole looks cool. I think one thing that would help would be to have something giving it some scale. You are probably already working on this. Maybe a starfield would help, or other stellar objects being pulled in too.

If you finish early, why not enter again, right?


Nice sketches, and good ideia too, but maybe u could give some spining to the outer gas of the black hole, since it also would be spining and/or atracted by the blackhole

Good Luck

Best Regards,