Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Wilson


Forgive me if the physics/geology degree oozes out in this post.

I’m not totally sold on jddog’s version. In a system like this, the planet would still be under the primary influence of it’s own gravity well, even though a black hole is tearing it apart. A lot of stuff would stay near the planet’s mass even as it starts to break up. The atmosphere would probably start to bleed off, but that wouldn’t be too visible. A planet (unless totally cooled, i.e. moon) is a pretty plastic thing, and will strech a fair bit. (The earth is actually somewhat elipsoid, from its spin.) Under high gravitational stress, it would probably stretch out a fair bit, then the crust would start to rupture. It would continue to elongate; the upper mantle would stretch, and the lower mantle/core would bubble a little until it froze. It would continue to stretch out until it created a decaying ring around the black hole.

A thought excersise as to how this might work; let’s say you make a ball 1m in diameter. The centre 5 cm is water, then it’s soft chewing gum out to 97 cm (a little harder near the top), and hard candy for the last 3 cm. You then set it up in a net, and spin it. The faster it spins, the more it would start to stretch; at first, you’d just see some cracks and a little elongation, but eventually the candy would start to break off. The chewing gum would still stick to the candy, but it would stretch. Eventually, the water would start to leak out. Along the way, bits and pieces would come loose, candy & gum, gum, gum& water. It would be a terrible mess, and there would be seagulls around for days…

It probably wouldn’t make a terribly epic image. And I’ve ever watched a planet break up, nor bothered to calculate what might happen. Hopefully, though, it will provide you food for thought. (Groan!) :slight_smile:


:blush: oups… sykosys what a terrific explanation… by my way I express only a feeling…
but by the end I like your concept Mike :smiley:



sykosys - Thanks for the great input. I never actually put that much thought into all the real physics of such a disaster, just trying to make an interesting image. Although I would like it to be somewhat realistic. Got some very good ideas there.


Thining about it a little more, what might be really interesting would be a small black hole (say around 1 km) going through the planet. That could be fun. Like a gooey watermellon being shot by a lead pellet. :smiley:


A very promising concept:thumbsup: , Waiting for more updates.


A quick escape ship idea sketch.


Begining the modeling. Still needs some work.


hey mike wassup man… nice to c your progress… i loved ur color skatches and also ur concepts… but as jddog said the planet is breaking up too quickly… i think if want that to happend u should thing of a huge ball of sand and think of it breaking up when u put a vacume cleaner to suck it up… u’ll c it breaks up in very little chunks… some will even looks like line of smoke (if u use a powerful vacume cleanedr)… i hope u got the idea… i guss if some planet devouring thing like a micro blackhole (size of a marbell) wants to suck a planet the look wud b similer to onw with a sand ball and a vacume cleaner… best of luck mate… i hit one of my interest pont to i’ll b keeping my eyes on ya./… :thumbsup:


This break-up planet will probably work if you get lots and lots of debris and particles in there… We’re talking particle effects from hell here. :wip:


Although I kind of like the breaking up, the particle effects will be very heavy.


Indeedy… You’ve got TP, right? You could work wonders here using PFragment and a bunch of emitters with differently shaped rocks and dust thingamajigs :thumbsup:


So here we are… the start of the modelling as begann… eventually is a little bit early to make crits, but I like how this figure expoded plante looks out!


Thats a great idea!!! I see you’ve started modeling and it looks great so far. Keep it up and good luck!


woe … nice idea i loved it so much
one of the best … i mean it … all i can say that you must take your time and step on detailing
keep it up

good luck friend


Looking good Mike!! - do you have Storm Tracer? - that could be pretty useful (speedy too) in the particle breakup dept!


Well here is another modeling update.

As far as having TP or Storm Tracer? Unfortunatly, no I don’t. I’m doing this with Cinema 7.3. But as everyone loves to say, it’s the artist not the software. Right?


I definately dig where this is going. It looks ilke the modeling is helping you realize the concept. Keep it up


You’re a straight shooter and speak the truth, boy :smiley:

It’s looking good :thumbsup: The tearing of the surface to the rightmost side looks a bit out of scale, like you would need finer edge irregularities and less folding, if you follow me… But I can see this is going somewhere good!


yo Mikenicegoing…i agree with James and you
its absolutly right its all about the artist…!!
nice update …

good luck


wow really great ! wonderful ho this lokks like… and I think that will become an amaying work ! :thumbsup: