Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Wilson


Ok, I haven’t received any emails as to how to upload my Final Image. If it came as bulk mail it was probably deleted. That is if it was sent out already. :shrug:

Any help?


Never mind, all the information is in the Submit image - Final upload page. :slight_smile:


Ecellent! Very good final, congrats :thumbsup:


Congratulations to you ! Looks real great your final entry… good luck to you for winning and to us all for finishing :thumbsup:


Ok, I’ve just uploaded my final Tiff image to the FTP. Hope everything work ok.


Quite an achievement Mike - very well done!! :smiley: - you have definitely captured a monumental, grand event, and the details are great!

I wish I could have had time to finish mine! - ah well! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support guys. :applause:

Kromekat - Sorry to hear you couldn’t finnish your entry. I was looking forward to it. :cry:


Hi Miketche, I missed your thread until now. Your final image is just wonderful. Really, REALLY professional work. Congrats.


Beautiful work mate! Wishing the best on your entry! :thumbsup:


Those ships look like they fly through the planet.


:applause: bravo… really a cool image and the explosion is really excellent !!! Congrats for all your work Michael !!!

a really big :thumbsup: and again congrats !



The tearing up of the planets crust looks great. Good job.


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
in means of the GSO theme your image hits the mark !


WOW I really like the idea of your piece. Great work :thumbsup:


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