Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Wilson


Michael Wilson has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final Image

Here it is, the final image.

Well good luck to all. It was fun.


Ok, well I’m in on this one. Let’s see if I can pull anything out of my hat. :argh:


Good luck Miketche !!! I will watch your thread :wink:


Well, here’s a first preliminary sketch. Not really sure were I want to take this yet. Some cosmic force going on. Not sure what that thing in the rear is. Black Hole? Sun? Some gigantic planet devouring monster?


Some gigantic planet devouring monster?

sound interesting… or a black-hole devouring a planet ?



That’s a very promising concept, if I may say so! And you pulled that out of your hat? Where do people buy their hats these days anyway? All I ever found in mine (not that I ever had one, but if I did I’m sure there would only be some lint in it… no black-hole eating planets, that’s for sure).

Good luck, Mike!


Best of luck Michael :thumbsup:

Very interesting concept there, any idea yet on how to tackle the plane decay in Cinema?



any concept can end up awesomely if it is potrayed properly… but i think a balck hole is too powerful enough to devoure a planet…lol well i kinda liked ur concept cause of the escaping ship… it throughs some hardcore story to it… i suggest more escape ships and destroy some of them in their path if u want… keep it up :applause:


Good luck, Mike!



Thanks for the encouragment guys.

@3doid - Yes, I will probably have quite a few ships escaping the planet. I like the idea of blowing some of them up.


if you work on each element of this as a special piece i this you will turn it to masterpiece, the most element that will make this one looks amazing is the effects part.

keep up Michael


Here are some color test ideas. Not sure really which way to go. Maybe neither.


Hmmm… after looking at these images a bit. I realy doesn’t look to me like the planet is being sucked away. I looks more like it’s being blasted.


I’m really liking the blue color scheme miketche! It has a more cosmic feel to it unlike the one on the right. That reminds me of the sun or something no black hole. Really cool idea though. maybe you can shape the planet like it’s being sucked in with immense force and and peices half cracked off and …and… dude I could go on forever! awesome!:buttrock:


Ya, good idea. The planet needs to be broken up more. Almost stretched.


A little bit more thought into how the planet might break up.


Firts :thumbsup: , then…

Mike about your last sketch, personally I’m not so sure… a planet before to be so breaked means that a lot of time past and elements will be more far away. Like you draw here looks like the planet rise really fast… quiet too fast (ok that the true… but in a space dimension is another things). Your sketches are simply amazing and I like how you figure the explosion… we will see a lot of whater bubbles in the space, lol

just a personal input.



Thanks for the input Jd. Still trying to work thinks out myself. :wip:


Hey Mike - good to see you entered too!! - looking forward to how this develops! - I must admit a planetary collapse is another theme I fancy! - Not easy to do, but it looks like you are doing great with the sketch thus far! :slight_smile:


those concept sketches look great! Very interested to see where you take it.