Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Michael Siegfeld


Michael Siegfeld has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: Asteroid Texture

I searched the web for pictures of asteroids und set up a procedural shader to go for that. Meanwhile you can see, that I made progress on the slugs (they’re fully rigged) and I’m trying a few things concerning the explosion…in fact i just wanted to see something quick and dirty for myself…it’s just a volumetric light to give me a feeling, how big the explosion has to be.


Hello there.
I’ll go for an epic star battle.
Main focus will be on a decent destruction and explosion setup with galactic battleships collapsing and little fighters flying through the mess.
That’s my idea of an iconic grand space theme, maybe the mother of all space operas (cause it always ends in an epic battle). So the idea is not new, but very typical for the theme of the contest.
So it’s up to me, to make it interesting (ok in this kind of contest everything is always up to you).

I like organic/mechanical hybrid spaceships, so I think at least one of the parties will look like that.


First one: Native Slug
Second one: Battle Slug, with support systems, weapons and armor

I drawed a Titanic for scale comparison between them.


Three stages of the skin:
native, boiling and burning


three stages of the skin
native, boiling and burning


Now I have a clear picture of my composition. Will try to sketch it tomorow.

This one is the heavy defense cannon (and firecontrol) used by the K’Wenet in the Great Battle of Grir-Endine to defeat the invading forces of the Amasylaai.


Texture, bones and imagefilter test.
I added the first parts of the armor and added a blooming filter to get the burning areas brighter.
and I added bones to bend the slug in agnony. sniff.


Hey, I have the honor of being the first to welcome you to the challenge.
I think these great slugs are potato bugs and just what the Fluffians need to defend
the potato harvest, and their city! Send some to JamesMK’s thread! Hurry!

my 3d challenge


This is fantastic! Beautiful texturing, shape and lighting. I don’t know what will come out of this, but it sure as hell will be something great.



Not only is your idea original, but I think you approach is too. Some people, like myself, Would model the creature only in its final incarnation. With the armor and weapons, unremovable, but you’ve gone and given it a more realistic feel.

The burning/fire effect will play very nicely. I look forward to the full concept.


hi Onethread

Interesting design, it looks like an alien being born, or a planet even,

all the best

Paul Patina!

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Thanks for the replies, very encouraging for me!
I started drawing the scene sketch. It’s in the pencil phase, but now i have to go shopping, so i’ll paint it afterwards.

Some background information
Amasylaaian battle slugs are giant omnivores living most of the time on green and fertile planets. They eat everything what lies in their way, even whole forests, grain fields and cities (but they have a bad nutritive value).
You are able to notice their presence even from an orbiting position in space. They shape the planet by covering it with their tracks of destruction. The shere hunger limits the maximum number of individuals a planet can hold. You will never see more than 8-10 slugs on a whole planet. When they harvested almost half of the planet they begin to fire eggs into space.
They hatch in space and have the abilitiy to maneuver their interstellar travel by using their native thermonuclear powercore. The resources they got with the egg last for about 30 years. So they search for a green and fertile planet to go down.
You can imagine, its impossible to get an adult slug into space, so what the Amasylaai do is capturing the eggs or young slugs in space.
They are nursed and brought up using latest biological engineering to speed up growth (would take several Amasylaaian generations otherwise).
During their breeding they are made familiar with their battle gear.
Amasylaai use brainprobes to control the slugs.

Any questions?


@ Radulan
I plan to blow things up using hard body dynamics, so i make everythging destructable.


sweet texturing and concept!


These are most of the needed vehicles. They’re standing on the asteroids of the asteroid belt surrounding K’wenet.
They will cover the sky with fire.
The K’wenetian fighter has some kind of a very clear and sober design (as well as all the form-follows-function vehicles of the K’wenetians)
The Amasylaaian Fighter will be an armored somewhat. Unlike the battleslug, the fighter will have a closed armorshield (with legs dropping through).


Imagine a lot of firepower coming from the asteroidbelt (K’wenetian artillery), and a lot of fighters inbetween).

upper left corner: K’wenet, Homeworld, Defenders; surrounded by a heavily armed asteroidbelt
coming from the right: Amasylaaian invasion fleet. spreading fighters all over the scene;
foreground: close up of some K’wenetian Units, maybe even closer in the final 3D concept (perhaps with people running - depends on time left)

Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native lanuage and it’s a little late here and my brain starts shutting down… have a good night! or evening or morning, or… zzzzZZZZZ


This is a little rendering, how things will be set up for my scene. The little dots in the background will be some bg-asteroids realized with a clipmap on a polygonstripe.
the exploding slug will get the main attention, all the firepower and dogfights will give a balanced background without drawing too much attention.

This is only a testrender, I won’t use these colors in the scene.


hallo ^^

my first impression was yea thats cool ^^ im really looking forward to your final submission because the concept is one of the best hehe

now… i hope that u will be able to do all the modeling and so on without technical problems ^^



Hi Boobie, you’re right, it’s a lot to do, but I have a lot of sparetime till 17th of january.
Modeling and texturing all the things in time will be the greatest challenge, so keep your fingers crossed :wink:

Thx for your comment!


This is the Slug with all the weapons and armor. more Details will come with textures.
Simple Subd modeling, no tricks or secrets.