Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Mauricio Bartok


Mauricio Bartok has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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hi bartok ?
nice sketch, good look…


welcome onboard my friend!

good luck!


Good Luck.

LEgal vc estar participando tb.


To understand better what Im talking about. This are very fast sketches as u can see , just to focus the idea.


Just started the robo body .


Going slow but never stop , here is a little up of the robo , I think he will be sat on the ship instead of the terrible draw , to show how subimiss he is to the ship.


hey man nice start…
what do u think to make a bunch of these guys diffrent :smiley:
and to put them in the sky like they are going in war ?
think about it :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a great idea Bartok! I wish you all the luck. And the first ups are looking very nice!

Hope you go allthe way.



Hey Bartok!
Nice start!
About the concept, I think that’s really cool and it’s orignal and I think the originality depends on the scene and characters , not only the theme!

Good Luck mano!


Hey markovicid , the idea is about the relationship between the robo pirate and the ship . Thanx for ur comments . :thumbsup:

Thanx MacSilva I hope I cant finish it.

I agree idegar , space pirates are not original as I said in my first post , but I like the idea of enemies sociaty for a porpouse.

Sorry for my english


up. up up up up


I cant delete this double post.


Cool Idea, Can’t wait to see the result!

U R nuts :buttrock:


Nice to see you again bartok , the progress with your model is looking nice. Ill keep an eye with your project , good luck :slight_smile:


Thank u mosconariz :buttrock:

thank u too adr u crazy mexicans


Starting the head , Ill finish all parts than detail them.


do caralho…
o formato do torax fico bem louco…
soh a cabeça me parece muito tradicional pro desenho do resto do corpo.

parabens rei dos infernos!



good luck :smiley: