Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Matthew Mobley


Hi Matt. Not sure if you have sussed out your grass rendering problem but I think that Saslite is a post effect and it does not obey transparency. The bad news is that the full version will…!! But with Saslite, you would have to do it with compositing which many would think is a better solution anyway! A suggestion is that you render a clean plate with just the grass and no glass in place. You then need a beauty pass with the grass and the glass. You then apply 100% luminosity white to the glass object and set saslite to render completely black. This will give you a matte for the glass so you can composite the glass and grass…!! Hope that will give you something to work with. Confused… yes I am! Have fun! :scream: Claireabella


Nice concepts i like that hero:thumbsup:
Modelling technic of the tree appreciated:beer:

You are doing a nice scene keep it up


Claireabella: Why, yes. I am confused. But that usually means I’m on the right track. When the thinking stops, true genious begins. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try it out. Or, perhaps it’s winter! Snow! Snow for everybody! The grass is there. Can’t you see it? It’s under the snow!
Lelantos: Thanks for the encouragement. At this phase, I think a lot of us could use a push forward. I hope the tree thing comes in handy for you. It was kind of a happy accident that it actually worked. Well, it’s time to get back to work. I’ll stop by your thread as soon as I get a chance. Thanks again everybody. :thumbsup: Later!


Hi Matt… snow is good… snow is very good!!! Actually when I was looking into the issues you were having with Saslite there were a couple of web discussions from people who were finding the same problem!! I guess spending the money for the full version is one way out of it… Keep up the good work though and I am looking forward to seeing which one wins… grass or snow…!! :slight_smile: Claireabella


This is a quick thing I threw together this morning before coming into work. I was mainly just playing around to see how the pieces I have done play against each other. So far, I like it. I definately need to get the wall quote more readable and change the camera angle. AND SOMEBODY STOLE MY WINDOWS! I know they’re still there, but I can’t see anything there any more. sigh So much to get done and so little time left. Good news is the computer is still healthy. Oops. Just jinxed it.


Hi Matt. Good test to see what’s what with your scene. Yes, definitely need to make the quote clearer. What about putting the memorial in the mid foreground and the rest of the chamber then recedes back to those windows of yours (when you find them)! That way the ground will mostly be hidden too to solve the great grass/snow debate! Keep smiling. :slight_smile: Claireabella


Well, getting closer. I’ve thrown everything together again to see how it looks. The lighting is still preliminary and there’s a lot of stuff still missing, but it’s continually moving in the right direction. I had to cut the glass floor with the fighter under it (luckily before the fighter was modeled) because it looked like everything was floating in mid air. To make a long story short, it was much easier and better to just leave it out. So far, so good with much much more to fix and do and fix again. What a frustrating thing we love to do. :slight_smile:


In a way, you could say this is a modeling, texturing and lighting milestone all in one. It’s a simple theatrical style light to illuminate the main wall and the individual monoliths. (They are comming. I promise.) I went with that style because the flaps would keep passersby from being blinded by the lights or trying to touch the hot bulbs.


Hi Matt. Great to see your next posting. Neat trick you’ve used with the bushes to sidestep the issue of grass/snow!!! I don’t know if you’ve definitely decided to use blue as the writing on the memorial but have you tried it in gold? The blue looks “cold” and is not particularly clear to read. I may be jumping the gun on this but just thought I’d mention it. Am sorry the glass floor and buried fighter didn’t seem to work - that was a cool thought. Great work so far though. :thumbsup: Claireabella


Hi Claireabella. I haven’t set my heart on any real color schemes yet. I’m really just going until it either looks perfect, or I run out of time. :slight_smile: I haven’t really spent a lot of time on that because I’ve been trying to tweak the rest of the textures. As you can see, I’m having a bit of trouble with the walls. I’ll have to end up doing each one individually. And the floor texture is going to go. It’s just a matter of getting it all to fit together. I’ll see about posting some other color variations on the wall soon.


Here’s two variations of the gold text. I think I like the brighter gold better because it stands out more and seems easier to read. Thanks for the thinking Claire. :slight_smile:


Hi Matt. No probs. Yes, the lighter one is definitely easier to read although the darker one somehow seems to sit better. What about a half way compromise? :shrug: Claireabella


I could try a half way compromise on the text. Good thing I wrote down the settings for once. :smiley:


sweet awsome work on the trees and plants


Did up some new textures for the walls and floor. I like these a lot better and looks like we’re getting closer.


Hi Matt. Floor and walls are looking good! :thumbsup: Claireabella


textures are coming along … my only comment would be you need to add some detail to the surfice of your models they are very sharp and 100% angular… round up the edges… unless your going for the laser crafted look… then nm =)


Things seemed to have calmed down for the time being, so I’m taking advantage of the quiet time to get some stuff done with this thing. I’m hoping to get it done, but I guess we’ll see if that happens. I like these textures a lot better than the others.


vrhead: Yeah. They do look awfully angular. It’s on my list of things to do, but it keeps slipping down to the bottom of the list. I guess I ought to just force myself to get it done so I can stop thinking about it. But that would be convenient and well thought out, and we can’t have that. :smiley:


Now if only Lightwave would stop crashing on me at the end of every render I’d be in business. :banghead: