Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Matthew Mobley


Hiya Matt. How are you getting on today? OK I hope. Have been checking out everyones work - there’s some good stuff going on! Scary. Hope you are not too cold over there. It was quite wintery here today. Hate to say it but think the ferret got squashed down our lane… boo, poor ferret, but he shouldn’t have been going so fast!! Hope you’re having fun. :thumbsup: Claireabella


Hello Matthew
I checked your sketches, very nice idea (classic as someone said)
I know that modeling in lightwave is a really time consuming process because I also will do it in it. You know, I think you should check better your composition and camera angle, so that you dont have to model things that will not be seen.
Anyway, you are doing a good job…keep it up
PD: Its funny, I have also suffered the Wireframe effect from too much modeling.


Thanks, Nikus. Happy to hear I’m not the only one suffering from wireframe overload. :eek: The camera angle in my lastest pictures has just been to get a good view of what’s been done already. The final composition will be much different. But this way it looks like I’ve gotten more done than I actually have. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody. I’m back from an unscheduled break from the challange. The good news is that gravity still works even when you’re about 5 feet above a concrete floor. The bad news is that gravity still works even when you’re about 5 feet above a concrete floor. But all is getting back to normal now, so here’s a quick sketch of the new direction this thing is headed in. I’ve added a glass structure around the memorial and a fighter sunk into the floor and under a large pane of glass. The monoliths around the fighter will have the names of the squadron members on them as well as an engraving (time permitting) of each one with the wall at the end. As always, C&C are more than welcome.


Ok, that looks more balanced as an image, and has more interest than just a plain monument. You could include some people walking over there, like turists maybe…but anyway you are working very well


Good job on the trees - I’ll have to try it (some time) too.

Just remember to give the lettering on the monument some depth - looks painted on at the moment. Its also a bit hard to read - maybe lighten up the dark parts of the marble if you can’t get good enough definition with engraving the letters.


Hey guys. Thanks for the input. I did end up raising the letters on the wall a bit more and it looks better now. It’s surprising how taking a few days off from this thing and then looking back at it can give you a fresh look at it and inspire a new direction. Either that, or falling off a ladder. Either way, it worked. :smiley: This sketch was done in just a few minutes on my break at work and used the scanner we have here which is old and fairly cruddy. but it worked, so I’m not complaining.
DGEbel: I hope the trees work for you. They’re a pain in the hind end, but worth it when they actually work right. :slight_smile:


Hi Matt. The new sketch and idea looks as if it will be very evocative and having the monoliths etc. with the squadron members names etc. engraved should work really well with the depth of the image. Bouncing off concrete floors obviously suits your creative side…!!! Hope you’re ok though. Looking forward to seeing further postings for this new dimension. :slight_smile: Claireabella


Hey. I ran into a bit of a setback last night. All I did was replace my old cd-burner with a DVD-burner and suddenly windows says “The hardware on your computer has changed significantly since you installed windows” and won’t let me re-activate it. I didn’t know swapping out a drive was considered a “significant change” but there you go. So until this gets fixed, I probably won’t have anything new to show. My fingers are officially crossed that customer service will actually live up to their name for once.


Your scene is coming along nicely, I really like your tree too. Looking forward to any updates.
My GSO entry


Hey Matt!
I have the solution for your windows problem: change to MAC!!!
hehe, but try using Maya or lightwave for 3d…theres no 3DMax… :sad:


I like your concept buddy.

As a critique the stone texture looks nice but is slightly too glossy.

Stop by my thread I NEED critique :slight_smile:


i like the saying you put on the wall, makes the whole thing seem just enough modern day to be realistic. im also liking the story behind your hero its very cool. Classics are always cool keep it up.:thumbsup:


Nikus: I’m very VERY tempted to switch to a mac. And I would be more inclined to do so had I not just shelled out a butt load of money on building a new PC. It sounds bad, and I don’t mean it the way it sounds, but the anti-piracy thing is really taking the fun out of computers. Gone are the days of simply re-installing windows when the computer gets sluggish. But I don’t want to get off on a rant here. Or do I? … … … No. Not now. But the Max thing doesn’t bug me all that much. I learned on Max, but for the way I work, Lightwave fits my brain better. :slight_smile: Crin: I’ll be sure to stop by your thread soon. I agree about the stone. It was an experiment that didn’t work quite as I had hoped. But there’s plenty of time to get it right. :thumbsup:


Oh, and Walrusmann: Thanks. When I was thinking about the story, I was trying to think about “what would this guy be able to say to convince me to go out there?” And that’s what popped into my head. I agree that classics can be a good way to go and can always be given new twists to make them cool.


Alrighty. I think I finally got all my computer problems worked out. Hopefully I’ll have some good updates coming up soon. :shrug:


Okay. Finally got the majority of my stuff re-installed and got to spend a little bit of time on this thing again. After going through about 13 designs of the building, I came up with this one which I like the best of all of them. Finishing the modeling and doing the texturing will come later. Probably tomorrow. Finger crossing process commencing.


concepts looking good man… keep up the good works… i’llb dropping by for more updates… :thumbsup:


Hi Matt. The new building looks good and will presumably give you scope for some effective lighting etc. filtering in. Am looking forward to seeing the pic progress. hope the computer stands up to the pressure! :thumbsup: Claireabella


Hey Overcontrast and Claire. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m running into an odd problem though. I’ve been using the free version of sasquatch that comes with lightwave to do my grass, but I’ve discovered that it won’t render the grass through a transperent polygon (ie the glass window.) Anybody know a relatively easy way around that problem without spending $500 on the full version of the plugin? My 2 professions are artist and civil servant. Neither one of which has ever been known for having a lot of spare change. I feel like standing out on a street corner with a cardboard sign that says “Will work for plugins.”