Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Matthew Jones


This is possibly my final pic. I am going to put the sky back in, but otherwise this is it. Any C&Cs at this late stage are more than welcomed! cheers


Right then, this is it - the final image. Might do a few little things to my final sub but otherwise this is it. Not sure if I should keep the text, but otherwise I’m fairly happy. I did not manage to do as much as I wanted, I would have re-modelled the foreground soldier completely and added a greater army to the background but the scene looks good to me. It is my first ever full scene in 3d, I have learnt so much over the past weeks and would like to thank everyone for their crits and comments. Next time I will spend much more time on the competition and even move to 2d as this is what I am best at, but hope to use the experience gained here in producing some much better works in the future! Thanks again!!


Final Image Time! :smiley:


you did it! my congratulations! It looks nice, it has it’s own mood which is great. Now relax and calmly wait:)


Congratulation M477 ! Nice entry… :thumbsup:


Wow! That was a real surprise ending to the thread - your soldier had hardly changed position since your very first pencil sketch! Obviously you are a beginner in these competitions, and there are some beautiful entries. What you have in your image that many entrants with amazingly realistic models dont is atmosphere and drama. Sometimes we are really the same, you and I. We dont see the point in doing something the easy way. Your starting point was very ambitious, and you obviously knew it. I`m pleased that you got something finished and submitted. Let me know when and where I can see your next piece of work!!
love Phil


Arturro - I did, sort of :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not expecting anything from entering a final piece but thought I’d do it just to ‘finish’. Thanks for the comments and crits throughout, it’s been really helpful and kept me going!

Theuni - Thanks friend, you’re comments have kept me going, hope to see your budding young arteest son in the next competition after seeing his pic!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nippophil - You know I was unhappy with the soldier from day one (I really must spend some time working on character modelling) so the change was just to add interest for me! ‘Obviously’ I’m a beginner, your way with words is so kind :rolleyes: but yes I am it’s true! :smiley: As for my sketch idea, it was a much better scene in my head and maybe after a few more of these comps I’ll be able to produce exactly what I want which will be awsome!! and for the last time, do you need the ‘love phil’? I’ve told you I’m not interested, I have a girlfriend and I’m very happy. What would your mother say, I don’t know :smiley:

But thanks to everyone who has commented on my thread and the best of luck to you all, and hope to see you all again in the next comp! I think we now all deserve beer

                                          :beer: :bounce: :beer:


Hey!!.. Congratulations Matthew, You`ve donne it. Coool.
The mood and the scene have a unic feeling.
Indeed, having a hole army in the background it would have been beetter, but the mood and the unic feeling from your scene is rewarding for all your efforts. And the landscape, the composition and especially the dominant color are great.
I like your entry man! :applause: :applause:
Keep up the good work Matthew!!


hi M477! u ve done it!:slight_smile: that some dramatic picture u ve got there! nice and i like the setting vry much! congrats…and wish u best of luck…:thumbsup:!


Really nice final you made! The final composition looks quite uge and impressive! I like the detailed bump on the very left (on that planet), and the material of the suit of the front warrior, very much…! :slight_smile:

Good luck at the voting, and see you later,


Hey Matthew,

Thats too bad about your FTP upload glitch, did you find out what went wrong . Anyways ,nice image, I like the ship and your character models , Good job:) and see you in the next challenge.


PRO - Hey thanks for the ship!! Will be using that to get to and from the land of inspiration in the next comp!

Yunisirees - Thanks for the comments, hope to see you next time!

Dutchman - thanks, the suit was last minute I rushed a bit… but next time! honest :stuck_out_tongue:

mmoir - no news :shrug: But hey, good news for everyone else now I’m out you all have a chance again! :smiley: No really, this time I’m not too bothered as I feel the journey was more important than the end result, but I would like to find out what happened as next time I’ll be entering a better image (he says) and wont want this to happen.

But thanks once again to all, would not have got past the XBOX to 3dsmax without your comments, however the end is here, my generous voting is completed and I will now look forward to seeing you all win stuff! See you for the next comp!


A very good effort. Keep up the great work!


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