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Latest Update: Final Image: The Great Battle

Final Image Time! :smiley:


First concept. I really want to show a detailed soldier in the foreground holding a flag, a very military appearance showing many battle scars and trophies. In the distance - great scale, fitting in loads of information to tell the story. I am thinking of a large scale landing on the alien landscape, not necessarily hostile but greeted with an immense alien army. This scene really needs to capture the huge scale of the landing and may change over the next few days to play towards this!


More soldier concepts. I am thinking of removing the face mask to allow expression. I am replacing the sword, putting a motorbike-type vehicle in that position on the screen.


I have mocked a simple background in 3dsmax with a base model for the ship and had a quick play around with the lighting. This is where the large ship will be placed, hopefully with plenty of dust kickup. Yet to model the character in the foreground. =)


Just positioning the army to show the huge scale of the attacking ship. Also modified the terrain, adding a slope away from the camera. I’ve used the biped from character studio to generate the foreground character for composition sake and the rest of the army with primitives.

Most of the positioning is now done, I’m happy with the scale of the distant ship and will now look at designing all of the elements in detail on paper. =)


hey nice concepts there… awesome drawings… i like ur idea very much, cant wait to c more from ya… keep it up bro… good to have u in the challange, best of luck :thumbsup:


I like the composition. I think it has a lot of potential, but I hope you’re comfortable working with crowds. The poses will have to be very natural & convincing.


Thanks for the comments! :buttrock:

As for experience with crowds… :eek: I’ve not had much being fairly new to this kind of thing! I’m jumping in the deep end I know (maybe more than I think!), but with luck and minimal flapping I’ll somehow stay afloat. :slight_smile:

There is still loads to think about so any suggestions are more than welcome!



First I want to say your ‘sketch’ qualities are stunning! Should you not also run a 2D entry? :rolleyes: :scream: Your concept looks promising; such ‘Massive’ look will look AWESOME! :slight_smile:

Such ‘3D sketch’ is quite fun to make, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Some suggestion for if you’d not be able to do it with a crowd; make for example 3 versions of that soldier (some minor changing details), and save them in for example in 5 different poses. Now just scatter them on the surface…?! Works allot easier, you can still edit their poses if you want to, and its very controlled… :rolleyes:

I wish you the best luck,



Wow wow, great sketches!!
And nice idea too.
Keeping one eye fixed on your thread.
Good luck!!


2d entry? hmmmmmm… maybe :twisted:


Just a quick submission! This is the ship that will feature in the distance, or at least the first 3d draft of it! I will be adding little details to cut up the sharp lines but want to keep it low detail as there will be a lot of light and depth of field to take into account that will disguise the model. I’m basing it on a sea going ship (sorry to go down the much talked about Titanic route!), so any ideas where I can get reference images of ships would be helpful?

Will post up more as soon as I have some images!


Ok, here’s my modelling of the large ship for the distance. I want to add a lot more detail but feel as it is so far from the camera I can get away with using textures for this. Not to mention that my computer will probably die rendering the final scene, it ‘has’ only got 83 days!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a bigger pic of the ship in it’s current state, with a little depth of field for good luck!

I’ve been looking at some really good work from you guys out there, I’m feeling really honoured to be working on the same project as you guys and gals! :slight_smile:


I like the soldier up front with the flag and the ship is looking great.

Keep it up.


The Seithe are a self-preserving species whose home planet is no longer big enough to sustain the population. They left the desolate planet in huge battleships in search of other planets on which to harvest metals and much needed minerals. Viscous and unforgiving in their plight, Seithe gain strength and power with each Planet they conquer.

Seithe have always left victorious, with every battle their arrogance grows.

Gamaredon, a small planet occupied by the non-military, scientific Sparatines was considered easy pickings for Seithe as there would be little to no resistance. Gamaredon are consequently attacked by only one of the fleet as a huge battle lays ahead after defeat of the Sparatines at neighbouring Great Xiona – home of the most formidable military force known, second to Seithe who want to prepare for the forthcoming battle. This was to be a deadly oversight by Seithe as the Sparatines ironically developed weapon technology for the Xionas to keep the peace and knew that the fleet would soon be travelling to Great Xiona. Initiating talks with the Xionas Defence Council the Sparatines put forward a plea for help. The Xionas considered the Sparatines knowledge of weapon technology invaluable and knew that waiting for Seithe to attack first would be certain suicide. The Great Xiona army amassed on Gamaredon and lay in wait for the Ship. Knowing that Seithe would detect the Xionas large Battle Cruisers and destroy them before they even got close to bombing the vessel, they had no choice but to fight the Seithe Ship on foot. Using the Great Xiona Army to surround the Seithe ship and firing surface to air missiles at the control-bridge in order to disorientate Seithe, the Xionas would allow the Cruisers to get close enough to be effective at bringing the ship down.

If the Xionas could take this vessel down, then they would be able to uncover the technology contained within and use it to attack the remaining Seithe and stand a chance of defeating them. This was a long shot, but the best chance of defeating the travelling menace.

The fate of the universe depends on the success of this pivotal attack.


At this moment I’ve not allot time to read that story, but checking that pics is great! That last ‘sketch’ has a GREAT style! And also your modelling is going solid I see! :slight_smile: Still allot good luck :slight_smile:

Greetz, Gijs

[btw: tnx for checking & ‘signing’ my thread :slight_smile: ]


really cool idea and some really amazing concept sketches. really looking forward to this one, keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


Some very nice concept design sketches and a very interesting ship model! I like your storyline too. I will be keeping an eye on your progress as I think your story and artwork well typify the “Space Opera” theme.


I personally enjoy this composition. This has all the makings of classic painting. With the medievl like armor and flags and the yellow color treatment, I get referances to the Spainish Armada.

I would only add that assuming this is a soon to be tragic defeat for these soliders,… I would like that main character to look out at the viewer, with a face of saddness, experssing a kind of certainess of fate. I think you should do some research on Wartime photogaraphy, and in particular look for the experrsion of these men before going into battle.

This image I think should be a photo of the moments before a great D-Day.

Keep the good work up.