Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Matías Néstor Ares


Matías Néstor Ares has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: The Weapon

the front part of this model is based on the Orus eye.


I’m having a problem in my registration,
I put “Argentina” (my real location) but, now it says “Country: Antarctica”
I don’t want to be disqualified.
What Must I do?


It is my firs concept art for this proyect.


haha loved the little alien with the egypcian hat there hehe! keep it up :thumbsup:


My idea is make an Egyptian-Alien Civilization.
This Civilization is building a big weapon (Like a Faraonic construction) to destroy an enemy planet

Here there is my new creation for the challenge.
It is only a prototype. I’m not sure about this alien.
Probably my final Egyptian-Alien will be different.
I make this model in 3DS MAX with NURBS Tools and it wasn’t textured yet.


alien… too… cute… must… resist… urge… to … PPPEETT…

Intersting idea. I see the final image like a giant Aztec mural, cast in gold leaf. Your composition has that Aztec/Egyptian style of explicatory imagery. It seems that these image was create to inform futher generations of the epic happenings of that one day.

buena suerte amigo… siempre es bueno ver mas latino americanos representados aqui!
es nuestra hora de brilla!!!


si bien no termino de comprender la idea, tiene buen aspecto, (excepto los colores del sombrero egipcio :P) quiza si haces un concept directamente en 3d, con primitivas, sirva para afianzar la idea.



This is my idea for the spaceships design.
This is something similar to the Egyptian mythology’s insects.
I will model other futuristic equipment based in the insect-spaceship concept.


I made this texture in Corel-Draw and modify it in Corel Photo-Paint.
I designed the hieroglyphics to look similar to the real Egyptian writing. But I modify the aspect of images and symbols to adapt it to the alien civilization.


Probably this texture isn’t definitive but if the skin material looks realistic in the body (when it will be finished) I will keep it.
For the alien skin I use a tree layers composed material shader.
I made in Corel Photo-Paint the layer 1 and 3 and the bump map.
The layer 2 is just vertex paint. I put a vertex color map in the diffuse channel.


This is the basic shape fore the cargo ship.


This is the inspiration for the egyptian spacship #1


Wonderful thread so far - love the cute alien pharao and spaceship! Original idea and really sweet models:)


I use Simcloth3 for the alien’s T-Shirt.
This plug-in is really good.
I download it from
The render time: 23m:08s
I’m thinking about use a net render for the final image.


This is the temple of shadows.
It isn’t definitive textured yet.
The temple of light will be more interesting.


This Is the First texture for this ship


the front part of this model is based on the Orus eye.


Great Idea! I love the egiptian mood. The realising of your concept is really good:thumbsup: You are doing very nice and realistic textures and materilas.

good luck man:bounce:


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