Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


Nice deatils so far, very nice model.
Waiting for more rocking updates:thumbsup:


hiya, thx for the support…

JamesMK - sweet, thx… more cheese to come ;p

chadtheartist - thx alot, it’s very encouraging to hear! It’s going to be hard to come up with something new but that’s where the challenge lies.

RobertJ - ye, I put alot more effort in the rear, since in the concept sketch the rear is shown. I’m going to add more detail to it in the coming weeks.

stevetwist - ye I’ll work on it, I planned to put the engine detail in the textures itself, with grooves and tiny bots/plates etc, updates to come

||) |V| |^| - I’ll put some simple geometry placements to get the overall feel for the scene and play around with camera angles.

rattlesnake, Saschi0815 - ye you’re right, I think for the smaller ships that are airbourne I’ll use a texture instead, coz you won’t even be able too see the details from that distance from ground level.

BookMansBlues, luciano berutt, oblivionblack, Virtuoso, gpepper,madshooter - thx for stopping by! more updates coming


really good concepts and sketches…

and great job on the modeling front too.


created some textures to see how it would look. The striped pattern inspired from Anakin skywalkers ship in the Clone wars cartoons.

Not too happy with the shader as it is atm, but I’m going to leave for now. So it’s still WIP, looks like a toy ;(

Suggestions welcome.


Its battle star galaticaish to the max.real nice work though.Like where your headed.I quess evrything will have it’s influences.Good stuff still.:thumbsup:


Looks great ! very cool colors !


The textures are just awesome!:thumbsup:


heya… I’m not sure if they even airred battlestar galactica over here, but I’ve never seen it, only until gpepper showed me a link. I see the similarities in the paint job vinyls, oh well.


Looking sharp martin,really nice texture work “ALREADY”…whats in the water over there,it’s got you jumping up to light speed.Modeling and now textures are coming out smooth and in the high end district.Keep it at light speed…:arteest:


Sweet model. Textures look nice too, really like the color combinations. Waiting to see more :thumbsup:


It’s sickening how good that looks. I does have a toy look right now, but once you get complete textures and proper lighting it’ll likely be fine.


Awesome model…

but I hate to be a nit picker, but man o man it is SSSOOO battle star galatica! If this is the intent then you have hit the nail on the head. Execllent work with the texturing and teh lighting. Needless to say it is a very nice design for a small figther ship.

I was thinking of what final composition ideas you have. What role will this fighter play?

Keep it up.


…in any case i like it …And it has great colors and it’s wider on the X-axis than the Galactica fighters…me thinks…keep it up man…good stuff :bounce:


Nice stuff versiden the model looks quiete good ,really like the textures that you put on the fighter

Keep the good work:)


Cool and fun ship!
Really love those strong colors - they give the craft an edge. Maybe what´s making it look a little like a toy is the absence of specular mapping… you should give different shades of specularity to each plate. You also could give it burned areas, points with bruised paint, etc, but it´s up to you.

Anyway, so far it´s great! Keep it going!



I guess a small fighter will eventually have to appear to be influenced from somewhere - it looks very good to me at any rate. You’ve got a great start on the ‘damaged’ textures… just keep scratching… maybe add some small dents and burnmarks from… cigarettes… er… yes… Make a black and white furry dice hanging from the rearview mirror too! Or one of those dancing Elvis dolls on the dashboard.


:eek: wow I get lost in max for just a little bit and look what you come out with, sheesh, hehe! :applause:


Your quick textures look like final textures to me:) . very nice texturing, good colours.:thumbsup:


Thanks for your comments, I have reviewed your work, and as you posted the detail add so much life to the models, so they don’t see like paper pieces. You must think for this as if you were to create all this within a studio, and start to think as a designer. Put some pieces here and there, but search a background story for all the elements so that way you can make some more realistic touches to all your work.


Hi Martin,

Great moddel and nice textures also! Push it man!!! Aweseome stuffs around the ship’s back.

Have a nice day(night)!