Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


concept for a small fighter ship… very simple design but I quite like it.
Hopefully nothing looks like it since there so many designs out thr… or I hope so since I’ve started modelling …

more uploads coming…


I really like your Concept. Nice battle scene. The Ship looks good too. Where will the guns be?


what, are u kidding? I’ve never seen Galactica ;(

the guns will be on the sides on the wing, and in the front of the nose… can’t see it from the sketch, but modelling is coming.


This was my favourite TV soap !


hmm… you’re right… it kinda does have similarities…
argh … what to do… ;(
I was gonna give it red stripes too …

I’m going to finish it in any case …

thx gpepper ;p


the model as it is so far… still have to do the guns etc.

comments welcome ;p


Forget about what I’ve said !
Your ship is great… If you look all the spaceship in the contest a lot of them have similarities with Star Wars, Homeworld, Stargate’s spaceships


started greebling the rear engines… man it’s alot of work! it’s harder than I thought, but it’s looking ok so far. Still need to tweak the pipes I think, they’re sticking out too much.



I’d say you should leave the pipes just the way they are… to boldly transport lots of fuel. That aside, the initial concept is promising - a classic showdown, sci-fi style :thumbsup:

May your own cheese flow in the proper direction!


Sweet model bro!


Yeah, it’s going to be hard to design something that won’t look like Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, etc… It’s not that it’s impossible, it’s just that we’re so infused with the space concept that it will be hard to break that mold. So I wouldn’t worry about your ship looking like something else. You designed it, and it looks pretty good to me!

Keep it up!


very nice sketch , very fast modeling. I like it ! good luck


As it strikes me, usually the rear-end of a spacecraft like this one or a large spaceship for that matter is the most interesting part of the whole vessel.

As long i am not behind it when you hit the gas-pedal.


It’s looking cool IMHO. The detail on the rear is coming along nicely, I think it wont have its full effect until textured, but for the model it looks damn nice. I agree with JamesMK’s comment about the pipes - they look fine to me.

The only bit I would pick up on is the main engine itself. Everything else seems detailed, ut the main engine is very flat etc. - maybe you could add some additional detail to the outside of it.

Other than that, sweet job.


Very nice sketching and modeling…:bounce: going to have so serious competition here. You might try drawing back a bit using an extreme field of view perspective effect to show more of the ships overhead such as a large carrier or frigate coming down behind the initial smaller craft with motion blurring on either the foreground or background depending on which you deem to be the most central point in the piece. I would also contemplate using an array of these bad-@$$ small ships you designed being deployed from the carrier at an extreme distance so they only look like little triangles. Anyway, just a suggestion, great job so far keep it up!


hey!! you have a very cool concept and I love the modelling!!
the rear of the ship is really awesome!! good luck!!! :thumbsup:


Looking very nice Martin…Slow down there,give the rest of us a chance to get into some modeling too…:wink: Mayhem,epic battle,very nice start on the modeling.I look forward to more great work from you.Keep at it hard.Looking very nice…:arteest:


hi …really nice modeling mate!..i hope all those great details dont make your scene too heavy…maybe u can use a texture instead all that geometry…but it maybe it looks much more nice the way it is…well ill be here to see more nice stuff man!..cya:wavey:


Very nice Martin, the details are great so far! …and think of Rattlesnakes advice about using a texture than modelled structures. I’ve done this “mistake” :scream: in the last machineflesh contest, my PC produced one failure after failure :banghead: …

…but I know u will do it right and look forward to see more of your cooool stuff…

cya mate:beer:


Eh ! cool ! nice modeling !