Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Martin Sen


My progress so far… quite happy with the way its going.
I’ve modelled the body, the clothes and some jewelery.
The arms are not complete, still need to add more details, then I’ll add bangles and rings etc.

Still need to work more on the hair…

more updates coming…


a closeup of the lower body…

might redo the jewel designs if I have time


upper bod.


another angle

my first female human model, I think the results aren’t bad

comments/crits appreciated…
wouldn’t mind a female perspective also on the clothes.



amazing:thumbsup: nothing more to say yet:bounce:


Yes Yes…very well done…beautiful work on the details as well…two of these for you :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I love it. Very nice martin. Very nice indeed! Keep at it. More more more!


Nice update, the mother looks great. The details are pretty nice. One thing that stood out about the face for me was the lips, the look like they are flattened onto her face a bit, could just be me. great job, waiting for more updates.


Nice updates man! :thumbsup:
The lady surely fits a mother-figure! The torso and feet look cool all the way. The face has the certain look a middle aged woman should have. The arms are a bit off, especially the lower part and the hands are thin I think, but as you said it’s not final. Nothing to crit man, you are doing some great work all the way! Waiting for more!


wow…this lady is looking really beautiful man!:arteest::drool:

very good work…the clothes are looking very well…your modeling skillz are great…i just think that maybe the dress needs some irregularities …because it looks a bit straight…
ok back to your modeling: those thiny deatails are just great man …i really like the way your work is looking:applause:


I love this idea over the violent one. Your composition tells the story very well, when i looked at your sketch i thought that it was a race being relocated before i read the description. So to me it is a very succesfull comp so far. Your models are also very excellent too. keep up the good work


hmm…boobies…Really nice! Everything looks good, except I find the hips are a bit too low, I think the curves start a bit higher up the waist, don’t they? If you used reference then ignore what i said. Would be a good idea to go out and look at some women real closely…! :scream:



Coming along nicely. She seems to have a crease around her upper arm. As for the woman’s perspective on the clothing :wink: , a couple of things come to mind: The top of her dress seems very clingy, but the bottom isn’t very revealing–it kind of looks like she doesn’t have legs under there. I really like the style of her jewellery–the way all the pieces look different, but like they all come from the same culture. But when I see the thing on her waist, I think it needs to be smaller, so she doesn’t injure herself when she sits down. keep up the great work. :thumbsup:


thx all … still working and tweaking… just to address to comments & questions:

ace4016, yup… going to be working more on the lips so stay tuned

rattlesnake, thx dude… about the clothes… going to be adding creases soon

keetmun, I used a reference from Initially the hips felt quite large, so I’ve reduced a bit to the way it is now, coz her ass was looking too j-lo’ish. lol

artemesia66 … it’s because the arms are detatched from the main body… interesting point about the comfortability there - good crit.

arturro, essencedesign, ||) |V| |^|, scottamis_prime, terraarc - thx again guys… great to have your support.


Your entry is looking great. I like that fighter. I have to add a name and
number and ensignia to my ship(s) soon and try to get them not to look
like toys. We have to work on the glass of our fighter canopies I think.
Yours is more realistic than mine though. Hope I can catch up some!

my 3D entry


Your character design is very interesting, i like the hairstyle and the overall look.

However, the lower lip seems a bit dodge and in my opinion needs a bit of tweaking.

Cant wait to see it textured!


hey gr8 work… just my personal opinion ( u dont have to change it ) … she has scary face…:((
i am scared !


Wow, you’ve done lots of work, its looks like you will come up with a really good scene. I really like the belt on the last female figure there, but one minor niggle, why is there one assymetrical element hanging off to one side? The rest of her jewelry and all the elements of the belt are in perfect symmetry so why would there be this one oddball hanging there? Did I miss omething? maybe its mirror on the other side broke off in the excitement? maybe she didnt earn the other strand?

cheers and good luck.


Hi martin…Congrats on your first female…Sure not bad as you say,in fact very good…Nice elegant design decorations and some nice overall modeling…As for the creases…I think you should have them flow vertically up near the chest area…More subtle…The horizontal creases seem a bit over done and in the wrong direction…But this is just my thoughts on this,take it as you may,I could be totally off with this…But subtle would be best,As I see mo other creaes,just those,they stick out too much…But perhaps you will be adding more else where,than this will be more as it should be…

Ok,continue on with one very nice entry from top to bottom Martin…:arteest: :arteest:


I think your chick char rocks… the mesh alone would level my computer hehehe…you have alot of detail in there when its textured it will be very impresive character …