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Well here goes, I’ve got an idea, a kind of history presented as data entry in an archive way off from now.

Begin entry: -
The Fall of Bastion Prime

Judgement Council Historical Archive: -

 Date: - March 5th 4372


             With the fall of Florentine and the Ursa cluster the Rising Sun Republic was left without most of it’s richest resources. However they retained their elite, fanatically loyal Reaver Battallions on several heavily fortified worlds. These worlds were thought to be all but impregnable however one by one they fell to the superior numbers, cunning and guile that characterized so well the Zienchter hordes. As the outer colonies were consumed in the plague, this parasitic race that had once been thought of as nothing more than fringe myth swept unrelentingly closer to the seat of all human civilization: Bastion Prime.The Senate ordered the remaining military forces home to bolster the already sizeable Imperial fleet. Many civilian ships attempted to make it to the safe haven of the old colonies only to arrive and find them already in their death throes. In just six months the entire Republic came down to it’s knees all that remained was the Bastion Sector and at its’ centre, Bastion Prime. The refugee influx was immense a hundred million ships entered the sector requiring repair, their crews needed rest and medical attention many ships already infested were destroyed their crews vaporized.

   With an unparalleled ferocity the hordes turned on the Bastion Sector and descended in their billions this time however we were ready the intense concentration of humans, their weapons and most peoples’ first hand knowledge of the destruction this infestation had caused was turned to raw unbridled fury for 23 days the hordes attacked not in waves or in any order but as a swarm they took 10 days to breach the outer planetary systems but with nowhere to run we fought on.

   On the 23rd day the hordes reached the defence ring, Bastion Prime and the Imperial fleet. With the military recall and the heavy firepower of the ring and fleet the Zienchter were slowly whittled away to but a few hundred million highly evolved incredibly intelligent individuals. These were the Zienchter high guard, the controlling caste, the core of the whole civilization the beginning of this terrible war. Each one was capable of independent thought unlike the communally minded soldiers that swarmed whole planets in but a few short hours.

   They chose to attack and their wrath was swift and devastating the Flagship of the Imperial fleet, the Loyal Watchman crashed headlong into the Corsican shipyards above Bastion. On the bridge of Loyal Watchmans’ sister ship, the Wrath of Angels fleet Admiral Reinhardt Stukov and General Fortuna Mithis fought the high guard in hand to hand combat as the shipyards burned with their sister ship.

    The defence ring of Bastion Prime was struck eight times by long range artillery ships and its’ shield systems failed, another four hits broke the ring and the planetary shields collapsed leaving the planet exposed.

    In four hours the Imperial fleet lay decimated, the planetary ring had for the most part collapsed inward falling onto Bastion Prime causing untold seismic stress resulting in several cataclysmic earthquakes destroying vital planetary defences and cities. The recalled military forces fought valiantly on all fronts attempting to hold a thin line across the equator of the planet but were ultimate smashed in but a few short hours.

    The high guard descended on the planet attacking and devastating major population centres. However their losses were large and considerable. On the Wrath of Angels a wounded Fleet Admiral and a headstrong General had repelled the enemy and regained control of their ship, now with a skeleton crew and the arrival of civilian and military forces from battered but surviving systems in the Bastion Sector they turned on their own home world and took to the task of crushing the enemy from behind.

    Trapped between Bastion Prime and a freshly bolstered fleet the Zienchter high guard made a desperate attempt to make it back into space and flee the scene of their horrendous crimes. They were cut down from orbit and many of the high guard surrendered only to be judged by mob violence and the surviving civilian population of Bastion Prime.

    With the cities shattered and the people weary of war the fleet evacuated the planet and over a hundred years later the Bastion Sector was replete with defences, no human was allowed out of the sector, no human wanted to leave. Every planet had been rebuilt anew and Bastion Prime was protected by an Imperial fleet ten times its’ original size. With a xenophobic mind and a past filled with the horrors of war the human race stepped beyond the Bastion Sector with a military scouting force, their orders were clear:

     Find habitable worlds.

     Purge them of indigenous life.

           Terraform them ready for colonisation.

Twenty six sectors later the human race has catalogued over 1.2 trillion individual indigenous alien life-forms. A single specimen of each species can be viewed at any time in the Imperial Natural History Museum.

End entry.

Obviously this history gives quite a few ideas that can be displayed, there are quite a few battles and or achievements that can be made into images. However I’m going to focus on the collapse of the defence of Bastion Prime, humanities’ darkest hour as it were, the fall of the defence ring, the burning of the shipyards and the ravaging of the Imperial Fleet. Anyway I hope you guys like the idea, I will be posting images, sketches and then models soon.

See you soon!


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