Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Marco Barrettara


This is the way the arms will be positioned. The pyramid in the center is very basic right now, but more detail will be added to it. I’d also like to add some things to the emitter to suggest it is very old. Perhaps some dangling pipes or something like that.


Hi there! You are going in the good direction. The best concpet among those mentioned before:thumbsup: First models are also promissing. I have only one piece of advice. I would make the pyramid emitter a little bit different. In my opinion this shape is too common and popular… I would try to make it a bit diferent, like for example a piramid on the equilateral triangle base, and with the equilateral triangle walls(I hope you get what I mean).
Good luck and keep the it rollin’ :bounce:


Thank-you for your input Arturro, I took a peek at your entry, and let me say, it is really amazing!

Do you mean 3 arms, and a tetrahedron (or triangle-based pyramid), rather than 4 arms and a square-based pyramid??


An update. Added those pipes, and changed the 4-arm design to a 3-arm one.


My apologies to the moderators, I accidentally uploaded the same image twice. THIS is the new update. I changed the design from 4-arm to 3, and added those pipes I spoke about.


An update on the emitter. I added a couple more dangling pipes, and smoothed them just a tad. I also put some extruded patterns on the pyramid.


An update on the modelling. After a huger creative block, I finally picked up the focus to continue on this project. I’ve decide instead of attaching the main pieces to another apparatus, to make them the main supports of the emitter.


hi there :slight_smile: clean modell you have over there :slight_smile: reminds me of startrek :slight_smile: dont know why but it does :slight_smile: good luck :slight_smile:



This is the “draft” so-to-speak of the emitter. I see it as useable, but about 70-80% towards where I\'d like it to be. I added a few minor details, and smoothed out those chunky pipes. Just to clarify, there will be a very detailed UVW map to go along with the finished version. Thank-you Pau for your input, I will do my best!! C & C welcome


The emitter is looking good. I’m ready to see how it is going to be used in the scene.




Finally got some quiet time after being relentlessy imposed upon to do piles of work, (after all, it’s hard being in grade 10!!) and I promise to have another update within a day or two. I freaked out when I say that i only have about 20 days left to finish this thing, so now I’m gonna work my tail off to get it done.



My first texturing of the emitter. I still need to blend the edges, which frankly, I’m not great at! I’m also going to add some more dirt and such.


Just thought I’d add a highly compressed map. I’d like to know how can blend the edges a little better, I’m kind of new to this. C&C (and help on edge-blending :wink: )always welcome!


An updated UVW of the emitter arm, which blends a whole lot better than the last. However, there is still more to be worked out. Tell me what you think!


A 3d view of the new UVW applied to the emitter arm.


Marco - you got some real nice shapes going in that emitter! Also the pyramid idea could come out real well. As for textures - I can’t reall give you any good suggestions - what look are you going for? Right now the emitter looks almost like a good cigar … Maybe you could try and make the pattern much smaller in scale to make it look softer?


Cool work! Texture looks nice, but you could add a bit more shine to it… Keep it up!


By far not the final texture for this part of the emitter, but I did smooth it out somewhat. Still trying to get it right. I just don’t feel very good about the way it looks.


Managed to smotth out the UVW on the arm, and put in a UVW for those strips that run along it.


emitter arm design is awesome! maybe the texture is too noise , can’t wait to see u put it all together:thumbsup: