Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Marcin J Nikiforuk


Whoa man! That tower is brutal. Good luck and hurry up!




this couldvery well be top 3 and blow the other looooooooooooooooong threads out of the water in just less than 50 replies,:surprised:applause::applause::applause::applause:


Wel, its dressup time from here on untill the end. I duno what else to say. Hmmm I’ll still have to add another spaceship or two. I have some built already I just have to finish them up. I’m thinking of adding a dark clowd to the highest quarters of the tower. …and that ship taking off from one of the docking bays. Don’t have much of a story behind it so who ever looks at it can imagine their own. Someone is trying to sobotage this gass station/repair shop/command post. :slight_smile:


…Thank you guys for all the support and your cool sudgestions. I guess there is no time to chat, but I want you to know I soo appreciate your kind comments! :slight_smile:


hey u got motion blur or something on that flyin thing ? should take it off in my
opinion, looks very wierd

the tower , while magnificient, truly, on the right ends up in midair , as does
the cliff a bit lower, but u probably knew this

remember to post closeups on the tower later pls :thumbsup:


Well, here is what it will look like somewhat. Stil adding bits and pieces here and there. Some smoke from the tower (I think I mentioned that before). anyways, this is a tight one.


Well, here is also mine. What Can I say, It was a close call. LLLLots of really amazing work here. Good luck to everyone. PEACE!


nailed it …and below 50 replies …:argh:
wow,just awesome concept and everything is perfect.its a great pic:argh::argh::argh::applause::applause::deal:
good luck


go …TO boys…its too real to let it slip…surely in my list of top 3 here:scream::bounce:


Thank you jdsb. you wouldn’t know why I can’t upload my final Tiff?. I’m using LeechFTP, and it seems to be downloading untill it finishes and then this:


oh man,i am not really sure :sad:, the server is acting weird today ,looks like a connection based timeout error,did u try again? otherwise pm the moderators,all the best man,i hope you figure out this problem…


I’m not sure, but I won’t be surprised if I’m out. It would not allow me to connect to cgnetwork server. Well if I’m really out then Good luck to everyone else. its been another cool experience.


oh man,try pming the mods :cry:…,anybody else around for any help :shrug:


try again and again man…


the deadline is postponed i think man…all the best



Thanx mate, you rock. I’ll keep on trying!


CRAPOLLA! When I check the status of my submitted milestones and images. The only one left that I need to upload (so it sais) is the final Tif. When I go and try n do it through Cuteftp it sais that there is already a file there by that name. I know that that sais to me that the file is there, but Its not registered and showing that through cgtalk. ???

…wierd, does anybodyelse have this problem?


i think its because you had a server connection timeout error before in the mddle of uploading ,there must be an incomplete/corrupt file uploaded on the server.Nevermind,i think you can upload as many fiinal images as you want.the last one counts,i think so…not sure since i didnt participate in this challenge.
good luck


All well now. thanx again Jdsb!