Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Marcin J Nikiforuk


oh yeah…thats nicer man!..maybe u can grow also to the top with more bouildings or some and make higher your image aspect…vertical shape…just an idea…but this is getting nicer…keep :arteest:


Looks pretty good.

But if you think the hole in the ground is too Star Wars…I wouldnt worry much about that. The whole picture is screaming Star Wars to me. The buildings look like a lot of the buildings you would find at SciFi 3D. The ship kind of reminds me of the medical frigate. There are 2 suns like on Tatooine. And the landscape makes me think of Tatooine. There is no doubt in my mind where your inspiration has come from ;). Dont think there is anything wrong with that. My ship kind of reminds me of the Suluca from Aliens.

I like what you have going so far. Keep it up!


I’m starting to test some textures of the mountain, and here is something I rendered that I’m happy with. I now have to translate that little test render and all its parameters into a full size mountain piece. This afcourse will mean my textures will have to be huge. (yes, I am a texture freek :slight_smile: The whole mountain texture I suspect will be arround 8k high x 5k wide.



ngrava, rattlesnake, TheRealFlyBoy: thank you for your comments guys! :buttrock:


8k/5k mountain texture…insaane ,but rememering you Machine Flesh entry
you were pretty much into details :slight_smile:

btw, u ever finished that pic ?


Hey Squibbit, I feel I need this size of texture to correctly show a nice quality of mountain in a portrait layout, hopefully 5Kx3K. Plus, the stuff that is resized by the computer allways looks nicer (sharper) We’ll see if my computer gives me crap and if it does then I’ll start to size-down those pixels. I hope to use it large and if I have to I will start to put the image with seperately rendered elements (I know thats allowed). yeah, There is nothing more I love then details. I know that thats one of the reasons that I overestimated my time on the machineflesh, so I had no time to finish + some professional work landed my way and I had to drop out. See with me its this: either I give the piece the details it demands and deserves, or bye bye, I trash the project. If you noticed my machineflesh piece had a nicely finished sketch. I will not be doing a sketch like that for the Space opera. Instead I will put my energy into the final and see where that takes me. Shit, sorry for writing so much, I"m tired and I know I’m rambling. I’ll go to sleep now.


wow man, awesome textures… i really really freak out when i finish the modelling and have to start with the UV mapping and texturing…

8kx5k? damn… i need more ram :stuck_out_tongue:

about the size of the things, maybe it seems not to be big enought cause theres no objet compare with… but i think its ok, in the sketch seems to be “small” cause its plain, without docks or gates or any details , but if u r gonna fill it up with all the details u said, then they will define the size of the mountain, or i think so.

ps: is there a story behind this? write some! :smiley:


Got little more done with the cliff. I’m finally getting it towards where I’m satisfied with the look of the rock surface, all dirty and different and hopefully not repeating. Its not as large as I’d like it to be but I may still change that. Th rock texture is now 3k by 5k and is displaying little rocks and spike dtails. I’ll still put grass and tree shrubs as I go along and finalize it. As you can see I put a little scout ship against the rock (Just wanted to get a feel for a spaceship against the cliff. Its way too big right now but I’ll shrink that when I start building the castle and all the docking bays. and yes I have lots of spaceships from freight to cruisers. :slight_smile:


ouch. haven’t seen your thread before, and hell I’m glad i came across it. This is great work man. I feel the most crucial aspect of this image is to emphasize the size ration of the cliff to the rest of the bg… the buildings on top of the cliff could look really small .

I am also curious to see what is the relationship between the underground base? and the cliff. Really interesting piece. :thumbsup:


hey don’t say sorry for long text , it was fun to read.
I couldn’t see the texture repeating and all those details,
rocks , spikes , grass and three shrubs , I like them too,
su much fun adding all kinds of little details to a pic :slight_smile:


Nice textures! I think it will really start to look big once you add all the smaller things to it. Great job.


This is hopefully the last post of the rock by itself as I’m starting to lay out the castle geometry (as reference now) leaving the details for later. The top you see here is actually about 60% of the original and I think the size will be enough for the final. I’m starting to get memory problems (I aaaaaalways have them, especially with large maps, damn thing will just crash when rendering) soooo, I’ll be putting stuf together from rendered elements.


awesome textures - do you paint them by hand or are you using photographs as a base?

anyway great stuff love it


really cool texture !


Hi Marcin. that rock looks really great. Looking forward to seeing further stges. Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


looking great,the rock is looking awesome…good luck


Wow. I’m gone for most of this challenge and soo much good work is gone on. just a quick wire frame from the modelling session.


Ok. I know I got to work fast. Been super busy so I haven’t spent enough time on the challenge. I’m also cutting on my scene. I’ll try only to concentrate on the tower and cliff, some spaceships.


hurry up, this looks really promising. :thumbsup:


WoW, the tower is a really great work, the misc between the middle age achitecture and some futuristics composents is really great, the texturing is more realistic, very good work i wait after your final image