Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Marcin J Nikiforuk


Marcin J Nikiforuk has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Sabotage

ok no more tweeking! :slight_smile:


I’d like to say Hi to everyone who is taking part in this cool challenge. I actually think this one is llong overdue! Anyways like I mentioned in the original thread announcing the challenge: I hope I get time to finish this one. I’ll do everything in my power to. Good luck to again and talk soon! :slight_smile:


Good luck…hope u can finish it!:slight_smile:


I don’t know. cosy placess allways appealed to me. Not sure if this would qualify as a space opera though. anyone think so?


hey crazybread :slight_smile: that sketch might look really cool if you frame it vertically, and some really strong perspective from worm’s eye view.


I like the subject matter and agree that perspective could play a big part in making this work.


Your concept is good. Just try to think of how it would be represented in an epic theme and you are on your way. It looks really good to me.

Good luck…


Hi crazybread ! saw your machineflesh pic , magnificient stuff ,
I really hope you get to finish this one !

Good Luck n Have Fun , dude !


Beautiful concept, very clean.

Good luck to you


nice clean sketch wanna see more details, can’t wait:thumbsup:

good luck


Great to see You again. Somehow SF fits You perfectly and most certainly I’ll watch this topic.

As to the sketch- do not take me wrong, it’s great as it is (if anybody would tell me it is concept made for StarWars I’d believe easily) but IMHO it is just somehow not “monumental” enough.


cool sketch…wanna see more from you :bounce: :bounce:


This is a real nice concept drawing… the atmosphere and colours are real nice.

i think it probably does need a little more grandeur and scale to qualify for ‘space opera’ though… though i’m still a little mystified by the whole ‘grand space opera’ theme!!

good luck developing this!!


i remembered your alienware valley man i know you are going to do stuning thing here, nice start, keep up.:buttrock:


Looks fine to me. I think it will be good as long as it’s describing something iconic.


That’s a beautiful painting - I think it’s actually my favourite so far - but I don’t think it hits the Space Opera chord. It’s quite serene, where Space Opera needs to be big and grand and maybe a bit stupid. (Though it doesn’t need to involve a space battle - I’ve seen enough to last me a lifetime over the last week!)

Maybe if you pushed what you have into the lower left corner of a larger canvas, and left a lot of the rest of the space empty except for the contrails of a few descending ships? That would give you more of a sense of scale.

Whatever - let’s see some more!


Cool concept and the drawing is really nice…


Hi All!

Panupat: Thanx for the idea. As it stands now I will actually think about it some more untill I’m comfortable with the setting. You know I’m not excluding the idea of a vertical setup. Who knows how It will be framed at the end.

riki: Hmm. I will for sure play with the perspective once I start to actualy lay things out in 3d. I can already think of a few docking bays in perspective. I mean the sketch just lays things out for me to ponder over. At some point I will have to make a decission to either look through the camera from the bottom or however and frame this piece.

Krulwick: Thanx, I will. I know I have to get more hapening in there, so it hopefully will come.

timothyD: You know TimothyD you just might be on to something with that cliff… Hmm

Squibbit: Thanx. I hope so too!

pddaugusto, splotch: Thanx guys!

RK: Thanx. I almost frieked when I saw this one posted and said “Tailor made for crazybread” …not really, but I really like space gear and Sci-Fi stuff. :bounce: Anyways this Starwars business shows that much ehh? Crap, I know that everybody is influenced here by something, and I’m not gonna argue that starwars is something I don’t love, and if it shows that much… then Ohh well People just have to bite it. You know what?, I’ll try to make the next sketch less starwars looking :).

-Andy-: Thanx. Hopefully you’ll see more. :slight_smile:

duddlebug: Thank you Sir. Yeah a lot of people are saying that to me. I begginning to see the importance of grandeur for this project. I kind a like my concept and want to develope it further, so I’ll be adding things, changing it arround. Maybe a city in the background of the cliff. We’ll see. Whatever it is I hope I can convey a feeling of big.

Designer2: Thank you Designer2.

oshiroii: Thanx. Thats the plan!

Teapot-7: I’m thinking of putting a lot of things into this mountain, details on top of details, with bays, spaceships dicking etc. basically some sort of a gathering maybe a secret gathering of some major economic players of this world or something about to decide some grand scheme for … stufff. I dunno. I’m not really into weapons and killing and battles and things. I guess I’m just sick of it. Besides, I totally don’t think that a space opera has to have a battle or it doesn’t fit. I hope to achieve a grand scale with it though. thanx again for your suggestions. :slight_smile:

gpepper: Thanx! :slight_smile:


MMMmm… What to say, a lot of people are concerned with the size of things generrally. “Gotta be bigger man!” seems to come from all over this board. Ok I say, so here is the same idea (I know missing a lot of things yet) but a little bit more bigger. not sure if I’ll go with the hole in the ground thing. Too starwars, I guess. Perhaps a city or town in the back, and next time instead of ther mining shaft, a station of somekind. Thats it for now! :slight_smile:


Yep, just what I was expecting from you. :wink: Nice work, this ones going to look really cool.