Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Manuel Salgadoc


Manuel Salgadoc has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


well, im off to a good, start, didnt spell my name right…(can this be rectified by some1, or do i have to do it? that last “c” shouldnt be there)

in anycase, heres my idea:

The Taïgans, A technologically advanced civilisation has been going around their galaxy sharing their knowledge and expertise with more primitive people, in exchange of full support military support, should the Taïgans require it.
As the universe continously expanded, galaxies became spread out further apart, which in turn requires more and more power to allow such extrem distances to be traveled. The most abundant energy souce happens to be blackholes (and the bigger the better), especially the ones at the center of huge galaxies. But if too much power is drawn from these central blackholes, they can eventually “drain out” and cause the different bodies within the given galaxie to “fly out” in unpredictable trajectories, after the blackhole which one held them in place loses enough of its gravitationnal pull.

The Taïgans have always been mindfull of the balance existing in the universe, and have always done all in their power to respect it, as well as making sure all the civilisations they “converted” would do the same.
But now, at the dawn of this new billenium, inhabitants of the (1482,338,-109) galaxie, who have by no means been carefull of their environment, have drained all their main power supplies and are now preparing to take over the nearest galaxie, in order to tap right in to its core blackhole. The Taïgans, not nearly enough in number for such a large scale invasion, do have that ace up their sleeve (if you remember correctly) and are now actively gathering ressources and personnel to deffend their galaxy.

what i intend to depict is the taigans on a humanoid world, embarquing loads of people onto their transports ships to go serve on the frontlines. Although i talked more about the taigan, the focus of the piece will be the humanoid civilisation saddness and fear over the upcoming events. Only now do they realise that all the “free technology” they received so long ago did come at a price, one which cant be taken care of with a check.

The only sketches i have so far are on paper and cant scan atm, but as soon as i can get access to a scanner, ill upload what i got. (if not, then ill just do something quick in photoshop to at least convey my ideas a bit more)


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