Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Luke Charles MacDonald


Luke Charles MacDonald has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


I’m gonna try to get my concept art up as soon as possible, but the scanner is broke so I’m gonna have import footage through my video camera (the quality always looks terrible though). Been kind of mindful of other things (such as presidential elections) this past week and a half.

I taught myself Lightwave 7.5 through college, then I graduated so I had to learn Maya PLE the past four months. But I really want to do this competition, so the water mark is a huge obstacle. So, I purchased Zbrush 2, which i hope is a good decision.

I still weighing the possibility of either rendering out of Zbrush or rendering out of Blender or some other Freeware program.

I’ve been around this site for a little over a year now, great work here, hope I can contribute something.

My initial impression of what I wanted to do for this contest is to have some big epic war scene. Probably something like this:
(Not my work, but someone else’s)

And just add some space ships and maybe a few aliens and then call it a space opera.

But then looking through this board (a few times over), it seems that too many people are going to be doing “a war scene”, with aliens and spaceships.

So I thought about going the other direction, something about the way of thought in a society, the great teachers. The painting, “School of Athens” by Rapheal immediately came to mind:

Just make it 3d, (add a few spaceships and aliens), and it would be a space opera.

But this scene is so infinitely complex, and me, being somewhat of an amateur, considered other possibilities.

This led me to the “Surrender at Appomattox” by Tom Lovel:

This is a nice peice, I’m just going to change the background so that the veiwer is overlooking the great city that is being surrendered to the attacking army.

I hope this isn’t overstepping any “unoriginality” rule for this contest, as I always enjoy getting inspired by artists greater than myself.

I like the composition of this peice, which is the only thing that will probably be left once I post my concept art. I will post that concept once I get the damn thing complete.

Thanks for reading,


Hi Luke,

I share your appreciation for those epic moments. I’m hoping to see what you come up with - please press on, don’t let your inspiration go.


This is a WIP of my concept. I will change a few things such as the character’s costumes (make it more futuristic).

I’ll post again once I make those changes in this concept.

Thanks for veiwing,


I like your angle on this challenge. A couple other places you might want to check out for further inspiration are (The Library of Congress site) or (National Archives and Records Administration). They’re chock full of good inspiration materials and I’ve been inspired from some things I’ve seen there, myself. It’s good stuff for everybody! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the replies.

And MattGyver, you’re from Alaska! Whoa, I grew up there, but over in Anchorage. Now I’m down in Southern Cal, but here is actually a lot colder than I thought it would be this time of year. I want someplace warm.

Nothing new to show, still working on the character’s costumes.


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