Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lowell Aromin


Man the buildings at the top look really cool…The glow looks really good, but the textures look a little strange to me. Maybe you can make them look a bit more like buildings, and explore the glow more, it looks really good!



color coding again, painted a faint gray for sub-cities
the glowing blue is for the moon city entrance, the green are just ref for the ships light. white lines is walkways and highways. maybe this is the last concept, i’ll just add models and etc to my scene…if i have time.

keetmun, that was a really low-quality image. i don’t like it. thanks.


I like your last post with the blue/gray/white color scheme. That gives the whole thing a really fantastical quality. THe point of view is very engaging.

Good luck!


very nice concept. i’d really love to see it textured and implement those highways and walkways. your blue scheme post has a weird looking texture on the upper building. i agree with Keetmun. what 3d application are you using?..if you don’t mind. keep it grand.




Your entry is quite a nice piece Lowell…A grand piece of work.Grand space opera,pivotal moment,a feeling of awe,nice eye candy…you got it going Lowell…Keep it going,it will be and is a piece of work to be proud of in mu opinion,and your plan and efforts have worked out real well…Keep it going strong,I hope for the best for you…I’ll be looking for more…For sure…:buttrock: :arteest:


:bounce: :beer: :bounce:


Lowell…Just coming in to wish you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best for you and your loved ones…:beer: :beer:


hi Lowell,

I expect to see more of your entry. Keep going. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


swadepgh, thanks a lot. i’m trying to finalize my camera/object place. thanks again:thumbsup:

shiela_G, :blush: thanks for the support. i’m using maya. happy new year too.
Climax, thanks a LOT Omar. happy…happy…happy new year too! good luck Omar!:smiley: :beer:

Virtuoso, thanks Michael! i need more time extension?..whew! too little time, too busy days! hope to touch this piece again.:shrug: …maybe next week! good luck to your awsome entry!:bounce:
thanks a lot guys.


Happy new year, Lowell. Best wishes for 2005, mate!:beer:


that’s looking really great! I like the blue glow. Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


Too bad you didn’t had the time to finish the chalange. You have a scene with lot of potential - don’t forgot it ob your dreive - finish it !

Success !


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