Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lowell Aromin


this are some awesome updates man really love your work.

this camera is really great nice depth

keep it up i will follow this thread awesome job:thumbsup:


Lelantos, thanks much!:thumbsup:

now…i have to keep my machine running…:banghead:…just a few more fix!


Je découvre ton travail difficile de tout suivre il y a beaucoup de participant, ta scène inspire le grandiose félicitations si tu fait les textures et l’ambiance aussi bien ce sera très bon, tous mes encouragements,
Bonne route pour la suite.


Yes now this works very well lowell…i love the effort and the execution.The results show up very nicely.An epic vision is turning into a epic scene…great work ethic and nice talent+ very nice results…Keep this going strong,and kick and hammer :wip: :wip: that machine as much as possible to keep it humming strong for you…:buttrock: :arteest:



The modelling is coming along great. Very busy scene. Can I suggest that while there is great scope for dramamtic lighting here, you may need to be very carefull that detail is not lost due to too much lying i the shade?

Festive Regards



Tranchefeux: hi there thanks a lot for coming by. i don’t understand the french language…pardon me. though my friend here knows it… but don’t have time to teach me. i’m a little shaky on my texture but i’ll do what ever takes. thanks tranchefeux.

Virtuoso: hahahh… nice avatar there Michael. endless thanks for you. thanks for the support Michael. good luck.

jamacsween: thank a lot on that thought…i’ll take note on that. the festive is still unclear. thanks again.
thanks a LOT guys… good luck to you all and happy holidays!


pardon me if…i’m sort of going opposite way…or the jumble way…
sorry, about that… this is just quick study done in ps to get my overall atmosphere. lot of object are not yet added.
i love comments and suggestions for betterment… thanks


Your modeling is great.
I liked the lighting best in the top one, but the background sky was best in the other two.

Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Strange, I’ve missed this thread until now - glad I found it! Great modeling and concept sketch. No crits from me - this looks fine :thumbsup:


Hellsp4wn: thank you… i agree with you after looking at it again and again and again… another note from you… thanks a lot. good luck to your entry.

Gunilla: thanks, glad you came by… i’ve missed a lot too… especially when im browsing a lot of pages makes me dizzy sometimes… and run out of words to say. and thought that… did say that… already??? strange? no! we’re all busy and dizzy. wish you luck!



Man great render i really like the middle one you are doing great job here keep it like that :thumbsup:


• I like the first one It looks cool so far, but why are some of the clouds layered in front of the roof? , it looks great with full of details, waiting to see more :thumbsup:


Lelantos, good to hear from you again lelantos, i’ll keep note on that one. thanks again.
Climax, thanks Omar, yes, i layered coz am studying my possible atmosphere. thanks for interest and support.


Very nice job. The render tests look very sweet. Keep it up.


great composition! Lowell! i like the second one most ! , i think the first one’s sky is too yellow ,and the last one is too dark , good luck!!


||) |V| |^|: glad you like it, thanks for dropping by. you got nice entry and nice music too.

monsitj: thanks a lot the inspiration. and some good points to think about. good luck to you too. thanks.


hi there Lowell, i like the idea you’ve done on the mountains. i also notice your camera angle…it is very perspective-wise. are you going for realism or the otherway? i like the second image…but where’s the study #2?. good luck and stay with the challenge’s theme. it’s grand and unique! keep at it.


Post effects and composting? Thats far far away for me,you lucky guy,you are flying fast and very well…Looking real nice from grand scale to execution Lowell…Grand scale,pivotal moment,action and awe or wow factor with the all important actual “Eye candy” will be the things to look for…And you are on course for it all…Keep it in the fast lane and best of luck to you on your continued efforts…:buttrock:


shiela_G: thank you. realism/other way?..i dunno maybe inbetween? i doubt for realism, my beloved pc can’t cope up with me. thanks.

Virtuoso: thanks a lot Michael. oh, am not fast, you are! haven’t work on this for a week now.(running some odd jobs). thanks for the great support. good luck!

check out my great update here and here…hahahah…i’m so lucky. yeeheeey!


…just a quickie… while doing some fix. c&c are open. going slow…sorry.